Started TMJ Facial Therapy for ATN relief?

I started seeing a neurologist for my vertigo last week at the Cleveland Clinic who specializes mainly Dizziness/Headaches and Tinnitus. I don't believe he specializes in TN though. I addressed my issue with my upper right teeth on my visit but the electric shock like pain hadn’t really been an issue til right after my visit. So he wrote me a script for Vestibular Therapy for my Vertigo and therapy on the right TMJ location.

I started the TMJ part last week. I'm unable to start the Vestibular Therapy part yet because of the right dental & facial pain is too painful to move my head around. Plus the spikes don't help.

My neck movement is restricted so I was hoping that by working on the TMJ therapy, this could help loosen up my neck muscles and take pressure off of some of my nerves. Now the TP started adding some kind of a pinching technique in the right side of my cheek looking for pressure points and holding them which is a bit unpleasant being that it's so close to the 3 week old extraction molar site where most of my pain is radiating from. The PT wants me to do this on my own along with pushing fairly hard in circles on the cheek bone side part that's close to the ear to release my pressure points?

I'm concerned this is going to aggravate my ATN. The PT specializes mostly in Vestibular Therapy. I got a gut feeling that PT knows little about TN. I tested her with some basic questions and she hesitated with generic answers. She didn't know what or where the Alveolar nerve was. Hmm.....

I don't know if I'm helping or hurting myself? Any thoughts?

When in doubt, ask yourself what your gut reaction is. Sounds like your telling us you're not comfortable with it..

Yeah, I was going in with the, "No pain, no gain method" and just trusting that the PT new more about things in the field than myself. I can take the pain while she's doing it and if the pain is extreme she normally does backs off. I just don't want my nerves to be damaged worse from her pinching the inside cheek or pushing & rubbing the outside of cheek/jaw/temples areas trying find trigger points.

I may go in there tomorrow and tell her to stay away from my face because I'm almost certain that my T Nerve in my face was damaged due to either the root canal, 2 extractions, Novocaine injections, or by them reopening the extraction site to clean out and resurfacing the bone.That's a lot of trama on my jaw w/i a 2 1/2 month period! I can't see how pressure points on the face could repair nerve damage from dental procedures. To me it seems like it would irritate it more if anything. Hmmmm...

YA don't let them tell you it's a route canal that you need. It AINT Get a Neuro that know what TN is about and go from there. Best to you.

Wheels said all that.

Yeah I agree, I'm trying and having difficulty finding a qualified TN Neurologist at the Cl Clinic for now who can help diagnose where the nerve is might be damaged and to get me on the right meds. I will not have surgery there because I haven't heard any good results yet from anyone who's had a MVD there.