Started on Tegretol

Okay folks, I am new here and I also have psoratic arthritis for which I take a biologic infusion monthly and a swack of meds. Saw the Dr today who started me on Tegretol 100mg bid for a week then increase to 200mg bid.
My questIon is’ If this is going to help, how long until I should notice an improvement?'
My pain has grown into a dull constant ache with lighten bolts of searing pain. I have been treating the pain with narcotics for soso results. They never get rid of the pain but they do lessen it enough to be able to cope.
Is there hope?.


Yes absolutely there is hope. Many patients of TN do very well with Tegretol. I am one of them. It took about 2-3 wks or more for nearly full relief. A topical cream works wonders!
Don’t ever give up, live your life!
I hope you feel better!

Moxie is right on.I had good results with Tegretol immediately,but it faded fast and i quickly increased the dose,eventually taking 800mg.It never killed the pain,but made it tolerable somewhat.There are many drugs and combinations of drugs that help.Lidocaine patches put directly on the pain is said to help immensely,but i've not tried it myself.Aside from meds,there are several treatments including mvd surgery for this horrid condition.I am pain free now after having Gamma Knife.You are in the right place for helpful info.Don

Hi Kirsten,

I noticed immediate results when I started on tegretol. I know for some people it takes a while for it to build up in their system and start working. I had to slowly increase it over time though because it started to loose it's effectiveness. Then I had to add in Neurontin and Dilantin. I've had gamma knife done, an MVD and 2 radiofrequency procedures. I am currently pain free and still reducing down my meds. I hope this helps you.


I also just started Tegretol on the 30th. I am now up to 1 pill 2X a day. So far its done pretty good with taking the pain away. I still have bouts of numbness and tingling. That seems to be getting less also. I hope this medication helps you also. :wink:

How about fatigue? I have only taken 3 pills so far and I could not stay awake today, literally falling asleep anywhere. Did anyone have this and did it go away?

Fatigue hit me hard from the Tegretol. It hit me for about two weeks. That being said I do have other health issues that I was already taking meds for so the combinations/interactions were tough but only for awhile, it does get better.

Hi, welcome, there are a lot of knowledgable people here who have been exactly where you are. I am sorry you are hurting. As you probably know, there is a strong auto-immune connection to TN for many, in fact my Rheumotologist and Neurologist both are sure that’s where my TN came from. A lot of people do really well on meds, sometimes it takes combinations of two or even three to knock the pain out. The tiredness is something that your body usually adapts to, as well as the fuzzy brain. If you have TN1, which it sounds like you do, your chances of your TN going away for a while is very real and likely. Don’t be discouraged, it will get better, I promise. Take care!