Springfield mo neurologist for mvd

Hi, I need some advice on what to do about MVD. I have a choice of going and having Gamma Knife or MVD. What to do??? I am leaning toward MVD. That next question would be is there a good neurologist in Springfield, Mo. that could be recommend. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

You need a neurosurgeon. I don’t know one in your area. I took my wife to dr Harper in Houston, she is on tegretol for now. I think MVD is the way we will go.

Think twice! I had mvd and all the other things that are supposed to help. MVD is the last one I would do had I know what it is REALLY like.
Wheels 4 legs, said all that?

Care to elaborate, wheels4legs?

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Hi,sure. I had due to the other surgery I had I have a LOT of problems with the MVD or so I am told. The problems I now have are I am deaf in the right ear.

My face is totally without feeling on the right side.

My right eye gets extremely sharp stabs of pain.

I can not chew food due to biting my tongue which I cannot feel so I don’t know I am doing it.

My right eye will not tear so I have to every few seconds use eye drops to keep it moist.

I can only open my mouth about a quarter to half of what I used to, so I have to cut my food into small pieces to get it in.

I due to no feeling hold the food in on the right side.

My nose on the right side will run and I had snot running down my face on the side.

I was not told of any of this might be a problem although this Dr was supposed to have done hundreds of these Mvd.and had all my med records right there to see.

So ask a lot of questions and think twice.

The TN pain is starting to return on top of all this.

Thanks for the reply. May I ask where you had your surgery? I am in SW Missouri but will be travelling to Kansas City to see a neurosurgeon there.

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Hi, In Springfield, Mo. I was so sick after the surgery. I threw up 24/7 for a week and the 3 week later left the Mo. Hosp. And went to a nursing home for 4 weeks. I finally got well enough to come home. I thought I had done my homework and had a competent surgeon.

Hay keep in touch and let me know how you are doing ok. And the very best to you. We have to keep our chin up and pray Jehovah will help. And gives us strength beyond what we are capable.


Wheels 4 legs, said all that?

Thank you :slight_smile: I hope things are better for you.