Living With Facial Pain

Sphenopalatine ganglion block

I just had one done yesterday. It was painful. Today I am sore and swollen. and now it seem to have my throat swollen on the same side of the injection.

It was penetrated by my ear area and then went under a bone to get the sinus area I guess and injected it.

Does any had this done and wondering what their experience was?


I will soon be receiving a sphenopalaline block. I am unafraid of this block since I have been trying so many things. I have problems with daily headaches and have all my adult life, so duh! After all this time thinking TN was my greatest fiend, perhaps, migraines are right up there as a culprit. Going to try it. Looking forward to it. I am always up for what can perhaps lead me to a more active lifestyle. Cheers to less medication and less couch time!