Living With Facial Pain

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block Picture


I had my Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block today. Very easy procedure. They kept the nasal inserts saturated with Lidocaine for an hour.


Thanks for sharing and hope everything gets better from here on!

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Dear Earlady, it will be interesting to hear if your SPDblock works. I had that but nothing like for an hour. It’s something to think about in the future if the need arises. Good luck.
Gloria 37


Thanks for sharing. Going for my first on Nov 31 at Cleveland Clinic with pain anesthesiologist Sam Samuel, MD. Did they use fluoroscope? Do you have immediate relief?

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So far, no relief. I am having it repeated in 1 week to try again.


The procedure was easy. I had it done through the cheek in the past with a needle and under fluoroscopy.

This time they just inserted it manually, after I was numbed and they used lubrication. Best of luck. SO many people get immediate relief from this procedure, but I have not. Will try again next week as this procedure sometimes needs multiple attempts.

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An hour! My procedure is 10 minutes at the Cleveland Clinic. Why is it so long and is their pain relief to 3 or less?