Sphenopalatine block or stellate ganglion block

New to the forum. Have A Typical TN or A Typical Facial Pain, both sides. New Oral and Facial Pain Dentist suggested seeking a sphenopalatine nerve block or stellate ganglion nerve block. Anyone have one or comments



I get one every 2 weeks through the side of my face, via ultrasound guided. My dr will be writing it up soon—he approaches it via a different area and hits a fissure that goes to the Sphenopalatine Ganglion Nerve

Is it effective for you?

It knocks the pain down a few points to allow me to function better—my dr did one today, before leaving on his vacation tonight!

What Does the Pain Dr inject? Steroids? Marcaine? Do you know?

I have been using the Sphenopalatine block for months. Mine is an injection like device that is put up each nostral and deadens the nerve. The pain relief only lasts for a few hours. Next month I will be getting the Stellate block that is a needle in the neck spinal area and should last for months. I haven’t seen in the literature where the Stellate has worked specifically for TN. We will see.

Thanks for the feedback. The dentist who suggested I get one does not do them. I am waiting to see an anesthesiologist to discuss options. For those who have had one , does it make your face feel numb? Similar to lydicane when you get a tooth filled? Thanks

I tried it once years ago and I had about 4 days relief but not because of the injected cortisone but because the doctor inadvertently caused a minor damage the fibers to the nerve and create a numbness that disrupted the pain but the nerved “healed” and the pain returned.

The most effective method of treating facial pain and headaches is intraosseous blockades, which I have been using for 30 years. One patient after 1 intraosseous blockade has no facial pain for 25 years. Dr. E. Sokov. www.pain-clinic.ru

I am scheduled for a Sphenopalatine block on Sept 18th. I really hope it helps with my pain. I will let you all know!:crossed_fingers:t5:

I’ve had blocks they last a short time. 8 hrs
If get ablated( only severe pain) worked at raleighneurology

Hi!! I really hope you get relief from your sphenopalantine block. When I was first diagnosed in 2008 (24 y/o) pain management started with the stellate ganglion blocks. HOW TERRIFYING!! I had to basically go in the morning and I would be let go in the afternoon. They were sure it would go away, I did nine sessions. I remember the fellow kept telling me don’t swallow you can break the needle. Every time we had to go over the fact that they could mess up go to spinal chord or whatever. At the end of most sessions I got a toradol injection on my bottom and felt better.

Three years later it was concluded that there was no conclusive evidence to show that this was and effective treatment.

Now the sphenoid ganglion blocks worked for a while, but shortly. Now I will admit that my neuralgia is pretty freaky, its atypical and co morbid with glassopharangeal neuralgia. I also have the twitches of my eyes, it started on one side now the other. I wink at everyone lol!! But I get block directing to the nerve branches. Botox for the winking eek on my eyelids Among a much more intense injection treatment.

Has your medical team spoken to you about a trigeminal nerve block, or gasserian nerve block? Or even just the injection directly into the nerve endings?

I really hope that this will be the one thing to stop the pain truly. The other are suggestions just in case. I will keep you in my thought and hope that they work for you please keep us updated I would like to know your experience!!!

Wishing the Best