Sphenoid sinus surgery

has anyone had this type of surgery. I did a little bit of reading online and it said pain from the sphenoid sinus can be misdiagnosed as tn.

I had to have sphenoid sinus surgery about a year and a half ago. It was no picnic. I had a nasty bacteria that wasn't going away with normal treatment. That was my third sinus surgery and it was probably the worst of the 3. I have had a lot of residual sinus issues since that surgery (Empty nose syndrome) because the turbinates were again operated on. I got TN about two months ago, and at least for me, the pain was not the same in any way. TN pain is completely different and separate from what I felt from the sphenoid sinus infection. Good luck.

I posted this comment at Ben's Friends- "Sinus and Sinus Surgery" (at the LwTN GROUPS Tab) so I pasted that here too.

* I now think these are two different sinus procedures...

Addressing Heather's comments (via Red) on sinus surgery...

I had the surgery that is done to correct a badly (in my case) deviated septum. At the same time 2 of my 6 sinus cavities were reconstructed. (I don't recall the term sphenoid ever being used relative to my surgery). It was fairly invasive and it took me about 3 weeks to heal up afterwards. I stopped snoring and was breathing better than ever through my nose. I have terrible tinnitus and was hoping to get some relief for that from the surgery as well, but that did not happen.

I had this done in 2004 and my first TN onslaught occurred in late 2008. I think my TN is linked to having had the surgery, but I don't know for sure. I am quite sure that if my TN had occurred first, I wouldn't have the surgery.

*I hope there's something here you can use.