Sores on right side of body

Not sure what area to put this under but this is what I came up with.
A few weeks ago-and I do not know if is tegretol related-my doctor says NO-sores like mosquito bites that had already been scratched started appearing on the right side of my face,then my right arm and then my leg.Not a lot About 10.But they look strange.This is the side where my mouth and tooth pain is located.My doctor said they were not shingles.
Anyone else experience stuff like this?I stopped the tegretol-it was not helping the pain and left me totally constipated.

Hi, I had the same bite-like things, they itched like shingles and lasted almost 3 weeks. One on my stomach, one on my arm, one on my knee, one on the back of my thigh around 10 total. They were not side specific. I have TN2 left side. At the time of these itchy bite-like things I had just stopped 4 days of Trileptal which made be twitchy, gave me static sound in my head and gave no relief. My neuro dismissed the notion they were shingles or med related. Oddly glad to read Iā€™m not alone with itchy ā€˜bitesā€™. They are gone now!

I wondered what godzilla would have to say.I am glad I am not alone.I had been on trileptal for the same amount of time,had stopped for a few weeks and then tried tegretol.
The one on my face started with the trileptal,the others after stopping the tegretol.
I wish doctors would record these weird incidents .I believe that the sores are liver related(just me).I am probably going into toxic overload with the drugs and the body needs to filter toxins another way.
Thanks for responding.I almost felt shunned seeing no one else was responding.Kind of like I should be on a different site.
Hope you have found something that works for you.

Nobody believed that the little itchy bites had anything to do with TN. I have recorded it myself in my little notebook of daily TN stuff. (whispering so my brain doesnā€™t hear this) My TN2 is minor, constant but minor, I am having success with sublingual B12. I have been on Lexapro and Ambien for almost 20 years and feel like adding any other drugs makes a cocktail of side-effects i hate. I have tried lots none seem to work, B12 does. Keep in touch love chatting makes this whole thing not quite so lonely

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Hi Godzilla
Me too.and with godzilla I get to chat.
I need to get more creative with my online names.
I keep that little book,too.I started it when my son got hit by a
was a Godsend when I was asked stupid questions months later.
Are you still on those two drugs.?
I have been taking the B12 but not as much luck as othersā€¦But who
knows-could be even more brutal.
I cannot help but wonder how you got diagnosed with TN2 20 years ago.
I think it will take 20 years before I am diagnosed with something.
My doctor says I have tic douloroux-I tried explaining that my symptoms are
more atypical trigeminal neuralgia he was adamant that I am typical.Even
though I have never had a shock-except when someone touches my front gum
and I feel pain there.Other than that -burn.
Have a good day.
You leave King Kong alone

Hey Ellen, NO i was diagnosed with Anxiety/depression 20 years ago (horrible divorce from a nasty attorney). Those 2 drugs will be mine the rest of my life. My Mom had (died 12 years ago) tic- douloroux it was awful, she couldnā€™t be near light or sound or moving air or life . I was diagnosed in December 2016 with TN2 only because i fought with my dentist, and endodontist then the front office of a very knowledgeable oral surgeon to get an appointment with him because i knew he would listen. I have burning aching left side yuck 24/7 and when it gets really bad i have found the sublingual B12 brings it back to ā€˜Normalā€™ tolerable pain. Not sure if we can do this but feel free to e-mail

godzillaā€“please donā€™t think you need to be on those awful drugs the rest of your lifeā€“not true! I got off of 35 years of ADs as well as 23 years of sleeping pills. It is definitely doable, and will improve your life no doubt. Please PM me if you are interested in more info on how to get off, as I have a lot of experience and research on that subject and can steer you to resources for help. They are certainly not doing much for you at this point, but getting off can be tricky.

I would remove your email addressā€“asking for trouble! just use the PM system

Ziggy , Thanks but i in no way consider Lexapro and/or Ambien to be awful drugs they were and are lifesavers for me. Anxiety /depression is a horrible thing.My life is good, in fact wonderful . Recent TN2 diagnosis is not good but not even close to what my mother dealt with (and therefore we as kids lived with). E-mail address gone , thanks for the heads up!

I understandā€“I felt that way about my meds for many, many years.