Sores in mouth

I have large patches of sores in my mouth.Very Painful.
I have lidocaine wash which takes the edge off. Feel so weak and tired.
Does anyone know where they come from? Is it a virus that triggers our TN.I have gotten zaps and lower jaw swelling.
Please any help would be gratefully appreciated

The first thing that comes to mind is herpes. I don't know if you can get shingles in your mouth but I imagine so. I don't have zoster but I have simplex and it causes painful mouth sores too.

I got sores from biting during the pain. Had no idea I was doing that because the pain was so bad.

Sometimes I found sores to be from eating too much citrus ie grapefruit as it does not mix well with Carbamazepine


Sores may be an allergic reaction to your meds. Tegretol caused mouth sores and skin rash for me-gabapentin was a good replacement. Prayers and blessings.

Wondering if you found the reason for the sores, I just got these in my mouth, inside cheeks, both sides but mostly on the side of my TN.

I get sore palate and tongue. I put it down to dry mouth from taking meds. I would be interested in any ideas to soothe it.