Somewhat new and needing help

Hello ya'll,

So I am wondering what ya'll do when it hurts to talk and you are in a social area?? Or what home remedies help ease the pain even just a little?? My attacks happen at night but sometimes it gets this way in the early evening and I am at work. Help???

Thanks! And sorry about saying yall a lot, I am a texan!

I find a hot magic bag will lower my pain and make it easier to talk. But then again some people find cold helps them. It all depends. Having a small marker dry erase board could be helpful to talk to others and co-workers. But that doesn’t help much on the phone. That’s all I can recommend. Hope the hot/cold idea helps.

Hello lizloulou …
This is a good quistion specially at work they don’t know what happened to me suddenly I’m quiet, specially b/c my personality is very happy and joky then at attack I didn’t talk to any one & I refuse to join food … It’s hard to tell maybe I’ll loose my job but I wish if I can find some thing at least make me talke better… Thank you

My atracks also happen mostly at night, at least the worst ones.Sometimes the only relief I get is to fall asleep with a bag of ice on that side, not that it can be good for me and oddly enough heat makes it worse for me.