Something New on Bells Palsy -- a Suggested Link to Herpes I

Medline Plus released a short article today indicating a recommended treatment regime for the unilateral facial paralysis called Bell's Palsy. Incidental to that recommendation was the observation that the Herpes Simplex I virus (the same that causes cold sores) may be implicated as a cause in this disorder. This may confirm speculations that a number of us have shared concerning the Herpes virus.


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Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, Living With TN

Interesting, thanks for sharing Red!

Thank you, Red!

Hmmmm, me thinks the collective knowledge in this group is amazing. Helped so much by you of course Red! Just goes to show that together we can do so much. Inform, support and educate.

Appreciate this Red!!!!!! I just got off the phone with "HealthDay" with permission for reprinting of the article and have it on my blog too. And so the big question is WHY do SOME people with HSV1 get Bells Palsy while others don't, AND why do SOME people with Herpes Zoster get TN while others don't.

It's my personal opinion that there is a MUCH more complicated interaction between hsv1 and TN, and even (in my case) lupus inflammation, hsv1 and TN and BP then we are aware of. As you know I have TN and have had hsv1 issues my entire life and have had BP THREE times now. And we're talking DROOL BUCKET BP...almost 4 months of looking like I had a stroke. HOWEVER, I would take the BP to the TN any day of the week.

HUGS, Julie

so in essence, this article is stating that we have the herpes virus ?? ... i dont have herpes ... i have never had a sore ... i do eat/drink after a close friend who has herpes but not when sores are present .................
i just read that the virus can be transmitted when sores are not present ... LOVELY

Almost all of us have been exposed to the HS-1 virus, Rebecca. You got exposed in childhood, long before you knew what precautions to take to avoid transmission. The links to neurological disease are still speculative, but there are at least indications of a connection, as indicated in the article.

Regards, Red