Some new symptoms for me and a question that I am wondering about

Hello all,

I am new here and have felt very welcomed, thank you all. I have TN2, which I have always believed was caused by having my wisdom teeth removed. Apparently I also had some cyst's that the surgeon had to remove and after the surgery I had numbness in my face and lip on my right side, which I never fully regained. I also recently read that TN2 can be caused by whiplash, which I had sustained in an accident a few years prior and experienced near constant neck pain from that.

My questions: It seems that when my TN is at it's worst - such as when the pain med have worn off, that I also have the worst neck pain. Could they be related?

Also, I have recently found that my pain is getting much worse at night and when I lay down to go to bed, my teeth all start to feel some sort of intense pain that I can't even explain. Sometimes, it happens before I even lay down. It's really more about it being night time and it is more likely to occur if I eat something. But it's all of my teeth and my gums too. It's like my entire mouth is on fire but without heat, I'm sorry but I don't know how else to explain it. These episodes usually last about 30 minutes or so and I wrap my face in my heating pad and literally rock back and forth like a baby. Any suggestions? Could this be something unrelated to the TN?

Thank you so much in advance for any thoughts on the two questions.

Cathy in MD

Cathy. I hate teeth pain. It is usually TN but you just wish you could remove your teeth to feel better. I removed some of mine but nerves somehow remain and there is pain.
Have you tried to sleep on one of those neck contoured pillows? Some of us have tried upper cervical chiropractic for the neck with some success/relief but it was recommended to use a contured pillow. Even if you use one for approx 15 minutes when you first go to bed and again for 5 minutes before rising as it helps to align the neck. If you fall asleep using it there is no problem. Also when you use a hairdresser do not let your neck bend backwards. I stand face towards the drink to stop placing pressure on the neck. Heat is good too and you are already doing that. When my gums were aching I sometimes usedOragel to help numb the pain

Thinking of you and hoping you find some relief

Thanks Chippy,

I've used all sorts of pillows but I don't think I've ever even heard of this type. I will look into it, While I am not "glad" that others are dealing with the tooth pain, it is good to know that it is probably likely part of the TN and there may be some solutions. I also use the Oragel at times. Now if I could just figure out if the TN is causing the neck pain.

The neck pain could be from tensing up your shoulders from the intense pain that you were in. I used to get neck pain too, when I had bad pain. I discovered when I started to relax my shoulders, and got good relief from the meds, the neck pain went away.

Hi Min,

I agree that the neck pain is most likely the result of tensing up from the pain. I seem to have a lot of trouble relaxing though. I was able to get a Trigger Point injection yesterday in my neck/shoulder, which has really helped, at least temporarily.