Some advice on new med please

I need a little advice so here it goes… my neurologist has put me on some new meds because he does not want to increase my carbamazepine at this time(currently on300mg 3xdaily). I told him the new med(gabapentin 100 mg 3xdaily) did nothing for my pain thinking he would stop it but instead he increased the dose to 300 mg 3x daily. I then asked if I could take 20 mg of baclofen at night instead of 15 and continue with the 15 mg the other two times a day as I find it helps take the edge off but he insisted I try 20 mg 2xdaily and 25 mg before bed.
I am freaked about that much medicine. I also take eltroxin for thyroid and Claritin daily for allergies.
This combo seems to be managing my pain well. I should mention I suffer from both TN1 and 2. The thing is I am seriously f’d up on them. It is with great difficulty that I am typing this ( thank goodness for auto correct). I am stumbling around and falling asleep randomly… Like out for the count sleep. I woke up from an impromptu nap today with peanut butter all over my tank top and the couch cushion. Rice crisp cumbs every where. I sort of remember being hungry then tired but there’s blanks.
Should I back off some of the dose and increase even slower. Is this normal for a short period until your body gets used to it. The pain was awful before and I don’t want to feel it again but on the other hand there’s this… Any advice?

I was put on gabapentin first. My doctor told me to watch out for 2 side effects, Memory loss, and swelling, mostly in my legs.

I was ok on 100mg a day, but I was still in a ton of pain, so we doubled it. With in 2 days I had no short term memory. I could never remember what I was trying to do. and I couldn't understand simple words when my boss or friends talked to me. I called my doctor that night and told her I would not be taking that drug any more. she agreed and we went to try something else.

I hope that you can get some answers soon, most of us are heavily medicated, and choosing between maddening pain and sleep deprivation or debilitating side effects seems to be our Sophie's Choice, both options are terrible. I wish you well and hope you can work with reasonable doctors. *hugs*

I can empathize. I’m on gabapentin and carbamazepine and it feels like my brain is sluggish. Your doctor seems to be making too many changes at once. It’s better to change one med at a time. Otherwise you don’t know what works and what causes side effects.

Also, even though Claritin is a non drowsy antihistamine, it could be a contributing factor as well if some of it manages to make it past the blood brain barrier.

Thanks for the feedback. I have made an appointment to see my neurologist and talk about my side effects. I think you are right Toothache, too many med changes at once make it hard for me to tell what’s working and which side effects are from what medication. Hopefully I will get a handle on this soon:)