Solitaire moments of serenity while living in a sea pain

What are your passions? when do you find the time? How do you break the monotony of chronic grumpiness, aggravation, solitude, and hopelessness?

I happen to be a avid strategy game player card’s, boradgames, video games etc. i love sci-fiction, far off places and people taking me places far from my moments of self pity and frustration with my reality. Everyone has something, so lets her it my fellow painiac’s.

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I also use games to distract and break up moments of pain. Recently I have had fairly good pain control and so I have spent a lot of time out playing social board, card, and video games. But solo games are effective too.
At my worst I could only focus on the lights and sounds TV provided. Now I can loose myself in art projects, gardening, and other slightly more active activities. Focusing on others, and what I can do to help them is another good distraction.
Good luck all, hope you can find and focus on the positives more than the big negatives we have literally in our faces all the time. :slight_smile:

I love to read, it takes my mind off of everything even the pain. It also relaxes me and as you all know, that helps the pain too.

I love to read and can get swept up in a good story. I also love being outdoors and working in my gardens. I tried playing videos games but my guy kept walking into corners and spinning. My kids won’t let me play anymore.

get where ur coming from games only go so far by urself and kids can leave u alone for so long

Creating art is my great outlet. If I can get lost in creating art it distracts me from dealing with the TN.