So this is how we move things forward

I didn’t think I would be posting a blog enttry so early on but this is how things go.

I came home from my partner’s on Sunday night to find a letter fo referral to my local NHS neurologist - for 5 weeks time. Unfortunately I am away that weekend (I’m in a long distance relationship so one weeknd in two I am down the other end of the country) so I rang to find out the next available date.

2 weeks later - 7 weeks time le sigh

So I bit the bullet and rang the local private hospital to see when I could see the very same neurologist in his private practice. And would you believe it he has a slot free to see me today at 5pm

This makes me think and feel so many things. I am an avid advocate of the NHS and think it does so many good things - but look at what £100-£190 will do (price to be confirmed). It will cut SEVEN WEEKS WAITING out of the system.

Same neuro, same town, different room and a pot of cash and it cuts the wait to zero.

I’m lucky that I have a partner who will support me and pay for this. But I can’t help feeling my my leftie little soul that it’s not fair. But that’s the system and luckily I can exploit that. But it does feel like exploitation.

Anyway, regardless of all that - I’m seeing a neurologist today! Yay! First step to getting off the med-a-go-round, first step towards, hopefully, resolving this.

I know exactly what I want and what I want to say and thankfully my speech isn’t too bad today - and if it gets to stage where I can’t talk, well then I will write it all out on a pad and do emphatic pen stabbing on paper at appropriate points.

Even though I am in pain I am still a force of nature :wink: - looking forward to coming back and posting a positive result.

Wishing you all pain free days and patience to deal with whatever life throws at you

Nix x

That is the beauty of the British system (and many other countries) you have the CHOICE to go either NHS or private…unlike in the USof A where you have to pay the insurers… and a whole lot more quite often!
Hoping you get the answers you need…

Thanks Lizzie - I did get the answers I need and am very happy about itn :). I now have a prescription for Phenytain to take alongside the Gab - neuro wants the dose of Gab DOWN - so hopefully once the Phen kicks in I can reduce that.

And I got my referral for an MRI, on the NHS. Result. I was beginning to think I would have to pay for that as well. It was a good result - although I think as a career choice being a consultant ain’t that bad - I was literally in with him for 7 minutes. Now it’s down to watching the post every day to see what date my MRI will be.

True Ro, but you have to qualify for that - the NHS is available for ALL :slight_smile:

Very true Ro…In some cases it can depend on your postcode if you qualify for certain drugs or treatments. In an emergency the NHS is very good but when it comes to illnesses like this I’m afraid things tend to grind to a halt. It has taken me a year just to see a Neurologist and have an MRI scan. And trying to get the results of tests is a nightmare.