So I was having the face burning and now had the tooth extracted

I was having some mild face burning after a root canal in a top right molar about a month ago. Because of some concerns with formocresol I had the tooth extracted last tuesday.

I was abou the same on Wednsday and Thurday with some local pain and minor face burning. Saw an oral surgeon who said that there was nothing on the icat scan to indicate an issue and he felt it was in my head.

I started to get more pain on friday and on Saturday as well. I would wake up fine and be ok for most of the day before the pain started in the evening.

On Saturday I started getting pain in my top teeth on the other side of my mouth as well which never happened before. How is that possible?

Yesterday was OK until mid afternoon but bad all evening.

Today was hell. Pain from the moment I woke up to right now with a couple short breaks where I was OK. THe pain is an aching sensation in all my front teeth and doesn't seem to affect my molars on either side.

I don't know where to go from here, this seems like a worse case scenerio to me and I'm regretting my choice to extract the tooth.

I'm going to try starting some amitriptyline since max dose of ibuprofen and acetaminophen do nothing.

I'm really feeling down right now since this pain is way more intense than anything I've ever dealt with except for short periods.

It's been 4 weeks since the root canal but only 6 days since the extraction so maybe this might improve?

I just need something right now since I'm not doing well. I admit I do suffer from anxiety and I tend to physically express it but don't think this is in my head because it is very intense like nothing I've experienced.

1) Is it possible to go from one side only to both sides?

2) what do I do now? My dentist can't help, my family doctor says try the elavil and wait and see and the oral surgeon thinks I'm nuts.



Its a hard disease to accept and like you I was in denial and had 5 teeth pulled it sucks trust me I know but u would have wondered if it was always that tooth…do u have painkillers or benzos (quick acting anxiety meds) zanex valium ativan? I also have anxiety its not in your head this is real the most real its gona get in your life nobody can understand this pain its horrid. my emergency go to is a icepack it will numb your face if u can take the cold.

Thanks for the reply jstagrl29,

Though the burning has been going on for a month now, the pain is only on day 6 (well day 3 for the bad stuff). I'm still holding out hope that it will get better. I have to hope for a while.

My nervous system is crazy sensitive, I also get heart palpitations that sometime can lead into atrial fibrillation and that's supposed to have an autonomic connection.

The thing that scares me is that ibuprofen does absolutly zero. I thought it was earlier in the week but I think it was just the pain coming and going.

In the past when I've had dental work it took a long time for the pain to settle down so I'm hoping this is just that. Irritable nerves that might yet heal.

Does it mean anything that I was mostly pain free for the days after procedure? Most people say they had pain after a procedure that never went away. I was mostly good from tuesday to sat and only sunday after 8pm was bad. Today has been hell though like I said.

I have some ativan but I think I;m going to try some low-dose Elavil tonight and see what that does. My doctor gave it to me last week but I have been afraid to try it up until now.

It could get better I dont know everyones different…im on nortriptyline almost the same as elavil im up to 45 Mg it takes awhile to get in ur system ive been on it a month ive had some days but back in pain as of right now uhhhh frustrating

DUMP the Oral Surgeon : )

D by S,

Thank you so much for your answer. There was no overfill and it was just gutta percha that was used. The cat scan showed two small pieces still there but the oral surgeon was not concerned.

The pain being bilateral is what makes me think that the formocresol may be a red herring. I have literally poured over the literature and not found a single case report on formocresol causing this type of injury (though I'm certain my body didn't like it). The surgeon said that type of damage would show up on the 3D cat scan that he did. There was no indication of chemical injury or infection.

I have been having pain in my front teeth on both sides for the last 3 days. Last night I found a splint that I have not worn for months and tried it on. Within an hour the pain had changed and it was on my back molars on both sides which were the only teeth in contact with the splint in. The fact the pain changed so quickly makes me think it is my bite and the nerves are all just hypersensitive right now.

I took some amitriptyline last night and so far so good. The only pain I have this morning is mild at the extraction site.

I don't know what this is but if it's not formaldehyde related then I still have hope it may diminish and even resolve with time and some Elavil. Only 6.5 days post extraction, I don't want to give up just yet.

What jsatagirl said was also on my mind. Many here have had multiple teeth pulled for no logical or appropriate reason. Perhaps in your case, you needed that particular tooth pulled. But, be careful that some dentist or OS doesn’t start pulling other teeth unnecessarily. Taking Elavil seems like the perfect choice right now on a number of levels. Hopefully, time and the Elavil will do the trick.

If the OS really thinks you are “nuts” get rid of the O S. Unless your pain worsens, I think the ElavIl and waiting is a fair and reasonable choice. If it worsens, take all your X-rays to another OS and a neuro familiar with ATN. Fingers crossed that time will heal your situation.

Have you seen a neuro? If not, get your family doc to refer you to one asap. They will probably be able to get to the bottom of it.

I had a tooth pulled thinking it would alleviate the pain. It didn't of course.

I spent the next month in pain until the medications kicked in (took several weeks). Now, though I'm experiencing pain again.

I have been there. I hope you find relief soon. Talk to your doc about TN, maybe that'll help.

So this is day 2 of elavil. Yesterday was better with only random moments of pain in the front teeth but still sore at the extraction site. I think there still may be some inflammation there. I’m having some trouble getting up and staying awake but hopefully I get used to the elavil and that gets better. Yesterday was noticibly better and today is better still, so far. I’m just going to keep going with that for the time being and try to remain positive.