Smart phones and our site

Hello Smart phone users. When I use my lap top and receive an email from our site, the return link (in blue) connects me to the site. However, I am unable do this with my smart phone,android system. The return link does not appear in blue.It would be so much easier to connect to the site with my phone during the day. After work, I really don't feel like doing much.. Any help on this? I went to the dealer but they couldn't help me.

Hi Bill, have you tried adding the TN as a link on your main screen so you could just open it from there when you get an email, I've got an iphone and have the link on my main screen, unfortunately, I can't tell you how to do this as my daughter did it for me! Hope this might help.


I don’t know what to do about this Bill, as I am not so techno inclined! But, I’m always on my
’I’ phone & I can’t seem to use the chat room? It won’t let me send what I have typed! Any way, doesn’t really matter as I don’t like to chat as I can’t type fast! Can’t spell well either! So no use chatting to me! I talk too much also! So you probably lucky!

So, I suppose that was a really useless message & was no help what so ever? But, seeing I’m here! Hello Bill, I hope all is good & well? Kindest regards Sally

Hi sally, I've never tried using the chat room on my phone so I can't help there either plus I'm like you, can't type fast and without spell check my spelling is rubbish now!