Slow recovery after MVD

I had my MVD/sensory rhizotomy on February 20th and I’m a little worried about my recovery. The facial pain is blessedly gone, but I am so exhausted that I can barely get through my day. I went back to work after two weeks, and I’m now realizing that was not very smart. I also still have a problem with dizziness. Has anyone here experienced a slow recovery? What helped you to feel better? What made things worse?

Hi, I had MVD last Oct. last year I am still having a lot of dizziness. My face on the operation side is dead, I have no feeling at all in it. The pain is starting to come back. Right now it’s just shots and only about 2 to 3 minutes long but I believe it will get worse, this stuff is progressive. So that’s what I have to look forward to, that being so I will enjoy what I can now and let tomorrow take care of it’s self. Hope yo uget better soon love to you .