Sleep paralysis and tegretol

Yesterday was another rough day. Had another sleep paralysis attack. Hate these so frightening. It happens when I fall asleep on my back. Have learned to be able to,call for help. I literally moan as loud as I cN. It works as long as there is someone around that hears me. Thank goodness my daughter was there. I have done some reading that this could be related to tegretol? Anyone else out there that may have had this awful experience, need to change my med definetly. Anyones thoughts?
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I had a hard time with tegretol was on it 3 days and had adverse reactions so i got off as for the sleep paralysis ive had that all my life every once in awhile so i know exactly what your talking about its the scariest thing it really is you feel like you can't move and your stuck in your dream and you know your surroundings but can't open or eyes to wake up ahhh hate it I try to stop breathing to wake up so awful I believe it happened to me alot on my back but usually i sleep on my stomach now. I have not seen anyone post about this before but maybe someone else has had this happen. I hope it doesn't happen anymore to ya!

I would call your pharmacist for guidance - they are THE side effect gurus -- Docs. don't seem to really mention them or care about them sometimes and they can be frightening --- you should not have to put up with this!

Spoke with my pharmacist today he had no idea check the phamplet they give you with your rx there was nothing, however I did look it up online and there is a rare side effect from tegretol and sleep paralysis is there. Have to do it yourself sometime. Lesson learned for me and lesson learned for my pharmacist.

Thanks jstagrl29 and Kc Dancer Kc

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