Sign of success!

So this may seem like a small victory, but today for the first time in years I was able to wear glasses without pain! Anything on my face or my head has been a trigger for me for years, so I take this as a sign that my left side MVD( that I had in October 2013) was a success!

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Christine, I am so happy for you it may seem like a small victory to some, to us suffering from this any small improvement to me is just another bad or terrible pain not mingling with all the others.I started a old drug but new to me back in Feb.(phenobarbital) it took months to level out, I started noticing things like one ear would stop aching then a few days the other, then the corner of my eye stopped burning, ect. I had a failed MVD back in 2006 with all kinds of problems. I sure hope you continue to improve. With TN, the treatments or at least most don't happen over night and I believe anything and anytime is possible with nerves. I was ready to give up on my phenobarb doing anymore and then I have done even better months later. I' m rattling now but it took yrs.for things to turn around from bad side affects from the gamma knife. Wishing you the very best, Dawn

Thank you Dawn!

Its the little things!!!!! Happy for you!

And Dawn --- GLAD you see some relief!!

Hello, do yoy mind me asking what side effects you got from the gamma knife. I got it 3 years ago for suppose TN but I was misdiagnosed but had to gm. Now I’m experiencing tons of symptoms but from research and from doctorsouths they say it can be gamma knife because I have pain in my throat when I swallow, ears, neck and Jaws. I’ve been told to get he elongated styloid surgery for eagles sybdrome but no one is really sure if it’s eagles or from the gamma knife.

Let me know what where your symptoms