Shooting pains brain & Sleep Apnea

I have been diagnosed with TN last year along with sleep apnea, 2 kinds; Central & Obstructive.
Also, have Atrib.
My TN is getting worse with more shooting pains in my brain along with shooting pains down my neck, eyes, ears(both sides). I noticed in my sleep apnea report on the days that my TN is most severe. My sleep apnea events climb dramatic during these days/nights. I will sleep > 12 hours during these times. I don’t take gabapentin ( which I do have it in my med cabinet) maybe should now?? I didn’t take cause of the fears getting addicted and causing my panic attacks increase. Yes, I use a BiPAP machine with full face mask, which helps me to sleep. My Doctor said that I can take gabapentin and then stop as I desire, which I have tried it but just paranoid of the long term effects, which are bad!
Anyone experience this??

Sorry I don’t have any experience of sleep apnea but it sounds as if your TN is getting bad which may mean you need to take meds. I was like you in regards to being frightened of taking them. all I can say is that the side effects become less of a problem. You can always cut back or stop taking them if your pain goes into remission. Talk to your Dr about all of this.