Shining Sea

Shining Sea Bikeway in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

It is really nice to hear from you. I am married and have one daughter. My brother lives in Albany so I get out that way about twice a year. I hear you about getting overwhelmed. I just has surgery because I could not take it anymore. I am still on 300 mg of Tegretol down from the 600 mg before surgery. I honestly am scared to go any lower. I know you must understand that.
Write anytime,

Hi Ro,
I am doing so much better now. I got a cold right after surgery so that set me back a bit. I have Multiple Sclerosis so it has been a challenge. I went out a few times and I can’t wait to get back to driving because I really like to get out a bit. Being on so much Tegretol I did not feel it was safe for me to drive…esp. with my MS. I hear you about taking different drugs. You are right one step at a time. I will be on here more now that I am feeling a bit better. I hope you are doing okay.