Shifting Teeth?

Granted, I’m closer to 50 than 40 at this point in my life and per some online research those of us pushing 50 can see changes in teeth in general… BUT…

My teeth have absolutely moved, I have gaps where teeth used to touch, and my ATN has made my teeth feel loose in my head (not literally able to wiggle them but the sensation of movement is there). I’m wonder if ATN that impacts the muscles and nerves for chewing could impact how my teeth stay along my jaw?

Do you wear a mouthguard at night? If you don’t, it is very possible that you are clenching or grinding, and that is loosening up your teeth. I do believe ATN can bring on/exacerbate clenching and grinding. Also as you mentioned the aging thing, around this age is a time when things go downhill, and unfortunately that also includes teeth. Does your dentist keep track of your teeth, take photos and test for movement?

IF you have had any teeth pulled, other teeth will shift position to the empty space. I have had that happen. Other causes for shifting teeth is gum (periodontal) disease. My brother had that. Hasd a couple surgeries, then decided to just get dentures. I just got mine a few months ago, I was scared silly for years that they would make my TN worse, but they didn’t. Even the extractions were not as bad as one extraction at a time making a TN attack.

ziggy – I’ve been checked for TMJ, grinding, clenching, and all that, and am happy to report a clear/clean bill of health for all it. I actually have very good teeth overall, which is a very nice thing to have, at least something is going my way, right? Because my teeth are so good, and because I moved five years ago, I don’t have any real dental history with anyone. But there is no doubt major gaps have developed along the top, it’s clear from candid pictures of me smiling.

sheila – I had wisdom tooth pulled about ten years ago, that definitely could be playing into the shifting, although it seems like major shifting is going on. I’m clear for gum diease as well…

I fear this is mostly (old) age. sigh I’m going to need to do something, though, I don’t want to look like Gollum in my 60’s! I’m a little nervous about aliners kicking up the ATN, but sheila you’ve given me hope that won’t happen.

I noticed that my front lower teeth were moving and one felt very loose. The dentist said it was probably from bone loss and he put a splint on the back of the teeth to stabilize them. It cost $400. He said he could make a device that would further protect them. It would be a custom mouth guard type thing that would also block a gap between the upper and lower teeth on my right side so that my tongue could no longer slip through. I am afraid to ask him how much that will cost, but will have to do it eventually. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your teeth shift all your life, so I’ve been told by a dentist. My theory on having TN and shifting teeth is that while we are sleeping we reflexively position our heads to avoid any pressure or other stimulation of the nerve, and that this leads to more pressure consistently on other areas causing our teeth to shift in response. At least that’s what I believe mine do.