Sharing things that have helped

I have recently discovered 3 things that are allowing me back into my life despite my ATN. Perhaps one of these will help someone else. 1) sells headgear that looks like a tube, but transforms into many different shapes. I bought 1 to try and have just ordered a 2nd. I can tolerate the light weight material on my face much better than wind or my hair. I’ve been outside in the wind for the first time in 2 years (and it’s always windy here)! I have worn it as a low riding headband, a scarf, a bandana over the bottom half of my face, and as a balaclava. All worked wonders! 2) I have started juicing fruits and veggies. I found an app w/ over 100 recipes. I have more energy than I have had in a long time and receive almost everything I need for each meal from these juices. No avoiding crunchy fruit/veggies that hurt to chew. 3) A shirt made with zylatol (sp?) which works to keep you cool even though it is long sleeved (I burn due to meds). These things have helped me feel like I have gained some control back in my life even as the ATN increases in severity. May you all find things that bring you peace and strength.

I want to juice…just for health…but they either seem expensive
Or bad reviews cause too much hassle to clean

I borrowed one from a friend first to see if 1) I liked juicing and 2) it was something I could keep up. Within 3 days I knew I liked it enough to keep it up. I borrowed a Fusion Juicer. The only part about cleaning it that is more than just rinsing it off/out is the screen. I use a kitchen bristle brush on it and it only takes a couple of minutes. I find I like the juice more if it’s sat a bit in the fridge, and clean up takes less time than cooling the juice does. The brand I intend to buy is a Breville.

Just timed myself. Cleaning the machine took almost exactly 4 minutes. Some foods stick more so it takes a bit longer, but nothing takes more than 7 minutes to clean. The real time commitment is in 1) finding recipes you like and 2) peeling or cutting all the food : )

Good suggestions, I love my Yeti band (similar to your Buffusa band). I don't juice, but do make smoothie that are quick and easy. Would love to juice, but knowing me it is not something I would keep up in the long run, Thanks so much for sharing!

Flarakara, Thanks so much for sharing, i love getting tips! I’m going to order the headgear, I have ATN & TN and the wind is worst for me.
I also Juice, you’re right you have more energy and feel great. I have a Breville juicer and what’s great is all the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s also very easy to hand wash, about 3 min.
Have a great day! ~Erica