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Hi Fellow Travelers, I cant believe its one year since posting.
Time flies, however, pain does not !!!
Any new tips?? I used to call myself Warrior Woman on the old site. Now perhaps Weaker Warrior Woman may be more appropriate. Any new members out there who have had the GP nerve cut like I did 20 years ago?? If so, please reply.

No I sure didn’t but am just about tapped out on medication. They suck. My body hates everything about medication. I was wondering how you have managed the pain all these years!! I am on 14 months and the Vicodin/neurontin combo is woefully inadequate. What do you do Warrior Woman? Thanks?

Hi Linda11, unfortunately I can not tolerate the side effects of Medication you are taking. I have Botox in my shoulder and neck at present and see a Neurologist every 3 months through a pain Mamagement clinic. Long story… I am not sue I do manage the pain. That’s why I posted. We may look into long term antibiotic treatment as I get some short term relief from this. Left of centre and not recomding for any one else. It has made grave inroads into my life in many areas. I do hope new things will open up for all of us. I hope your journey improves. Take exquisite care of yourself.