Severe worry

I’ve suffered from facial pains on and off for over 15 years now. It’s mainly a kind of throbbing pain deep inside the gum area on the left side. Sometimes it’s fairly severe like a gnawing or cramping pain- not like an electric shock- more often a continuous ache which varies in duration and intensity.
A Facebook friend who suffers cluster headaches says that she experienced facial pain for a while before her first cluster headache attack. As I suffer from an anxiety disorder, this is really scaring me to death!! Mind you, she did mention pains in the eye region which I don’t have. All the same it is worrying.:confounded:

The symptom you describe is very much like I have. I would say mine is continuous, but lets up a lot at night (If I’m lucky!) and gets worse in the middle of the day. I have never had a cluster headache, or even a migraine that I can recall.

Many, many people have ATN without headaches. It is bad enough to suffer with that, without the added worry of a terrible headache! I think you are probably out of the woods in that regard.

I’ve had some relief through the use of topical lidocaine and capsaicin. Also by avoiding things such as alcohol that I know will kick it up. If yours is off and on, I’m sure you can find some ways to relieve the pain a bit.

Thanks for your reply.
Nothing really helps my pain at all unfortunately although alcohol definitely doesn’t make it worse funnily enough. It could be exacerbated by stress perhaps.

I have found mint essential oil on the outside of the face(not internal)has helped me a lot.I am still pushing for tests to find out WHY>If it is not the mylein sheath issue,then what is the cause?You might want to try blending with a carrier oil first-but I have found that I need it full strength.Also salon pas patches cut in strips along the jaw line helps me.No headaches here either

Thanks for your reply. I’ll certainly give these things a try anyway.

Severe Worry. This is probably one of the harder things to deal with in my world with TN. I have found that using Emotional Freedom Techniques or any of the Energy Healing modalities of releasing the anxiety that comes with that 1st pain of onset to be a major blessing. “Will the next one be 1000X worse?” This is something each and every one of us can learn to do for ourselves. It’s a gift to the world by Gary Craig who developed in in the late 1990s. Google “EFT and Gary Craig” for more info. It is being taught around the world now in many languages. Immediately effective to help release the fear that comes with onset so you can think to manage your personal arsenal against the pain.
Since we are unable to escape this affliction (yet) it is a blessing to have this procedure to release the PTSD of expected excruciating pain.
Hope this helps.

Hi. I was diagnosed in 2012. Had MVD 6 months later because the pain was so severe. It was so much better for years. However it came back, but not as severe. Talking is my greatest trigger along with cold weather. I had to retire early which has caused a lot of worry about finances. I was never really anxious until this. Just wondering if anyone else has developed anxiety and times when anger sets in. It doesn’t last long. I am a Christian and my faith is what keeps me going. Any suggestions about any meds, natural or RX that anyone has found helpful to help with the anxiety part of this condition. Thanks and God bless.

Well I am 18 year survivor of Trigeminal Neuropathy (TN2), a root canal file took me out !!. Anyways moving on to an alternative medications. From my years of experience opiates were the best way to challenge myself to live with this pain. And I have been through over 15 different nonopieates to no success, just more pain. My life isn’t mine it’s a gift from God and I don’t have the right to take His child’s life. I made the decision to attempt a medication Dr. Richard Gracer (published pain specialist) my pain doctor for 17 years wanted me too attempt this medication Buprenorphine. It’s commonly used in heroin addicts it is a synthetic opiate and it takes a certain doctor to be able to prescribe Buprenorphine. I would recommend that if you have resided to living in pain what do you have to lose. It’s been 6 months now and am having trouble with the intensity of my pain. This is an issue I have battled for years. Share this medication name with everyone if I was challenged by my pain doctor I challenge anyone with facial pain to research it and talk to a specialist that prescribes this medication “Buprenorphine”