Severe Migraines

Hello - it’s been a while since I’ve been here - but I am looking for some wise words and support.

About 3 weeks ago I developed severe cluster migraines on my left side (where my TN dwells)

Everything flared up horribly. My 150 mgs of lyrica just stopped working.

I am no longer taking the lyrica - more side effects than benefits…

It’s been 5 days. I can’t get out of bed - I can’t function the migraine and face pain is so bad. I’m using heat, tiger balm, staying hydrated, staying in a dark room and trying to sleep.

The migraines started in the mornings and would go away by lunch without any medication. But this is very different.

My doctor called in a prescription for Baclofen - has anyone tried this? Anything I need to know?

I just took 10mgs and I am hoping this will start to let up.

Thank you,


Anyone? Anyone? I’ve never had migraines before :frowning: it still won’t let up

I get week long migraines. Whenever I feel the pressure start or begin having an aura I take indocin, or advil to try and kick it out before the pain. Most of the time I can but occasionally I can't and the next week is awful. One thing that can trigger migraines is going off any anti-depressants too fast. Since some anti-depressants work with TN, it can be a problem. I don't know how lyrica works. If it works like an anti-depressant you might want to start back on it and then slowly lower the dose. I checked and it can cause headaches if you go off of it too fast. In your case, probably a migraine. Start taking it at about half of your regular dosage and go up to your normal dosage within the next two days. If you start feeling relief then stay with that dosage then start down very slowly. between four and seven days each time you go lower. If you start feeling a migraine coming on after you lower your dose. Go back up and stay at that dose for a couple of days. You should know within a couple of days (or even in a few hours) if this is the culprit and relief will come quickly. But first check to see if you can take it with baclofen.

Oddly I have been fighting off a lot of migraines these last few months. Odd because I'm on notriptyline which is supposed to prevent migraines. Also the weather has increased my TN activity. When the pressure changes my TN starts up.

Pressure changes - ok! Good point - I did not think of that since this is my first seasonal change with TN.

I did slowly taper off the lyrica. It’s a maintenance drug for fibromyalgia an also treats tn - but for me it just wasn’t helping much and the side effects were worse than ant benefit -so my doctor took me off of it.

I’ve never had migraines before. I’m on day 5 and I can’t function. I’m really about to lose it. I have calls into my doctors and I am just waiting.

The baclofen is supposed to treat the tn and migraines through the nervous system - it’s only been one day - maybe it takes a while to kick in.

I am almost ready to take a Percocet if I don’t get any relief soon.

Thanks for your help

A migraine is not just a headache. It's a neurological event. Your brain is lightening up like a christmas tree. You are in a phase called Status Migrainosus. On day three I go to the doc and they give me vicodin or percocet to lessen the pain and an iv for fluids. They might give you demerol or if you need to, they'll admit you to get control of the pain. . If you have vision loss or can't read or talk, then go to the doc asap. Severe migraines can cause this but so can TIA and stroke. If feel that you can go to the doc, they can try a few things and they say after 3 days you should go anyway, but make sure you have someone take you - you won't be able to drive if they give you something. The bad news is that there isn't much they can do, - what YOU can do is sleep as much as you can and get plenty of liquids. Vomiting is common and that can make you dehydrated and if you get dehydrated there is no way that this headache is going away. That and vicodin are the only things that get me through a migraine. Once the pain goes away, you'll feel like you've been in a car accident. It's called the postdrome phase and lasts between 2 and seven days. Basically you'll have to recover from this neurological event. I also take 2 benedryl to sleep but BE CAREFUL taking all these meds together. When I'm having one I will take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which is not a good thing to do. If you can't go to the doc but have insurance you could probably talk to a nurse who might be able to recommend other things and which meds can be taken together. Good luck. I know youfeel miserable right now.

Sleep, drink and make a sameday appt to see a doctor or talk to a nurse.

Baclofen relaxes the muscle. I have to start slowly and move up because everything makes me tired. I do not get migraines but my brother gets all the time. In Dallas TX paper yesterday. A doc said if you have a severe migraine to make yourself get "Brain Freeze. Slurpee, ice-cream, Starbucks Frozen Frapp. The reason it works, it stops blood flow from roof of mouth, stopping the Migraine in its tracks. I posted this on Facebook and had several replies that it worked. Some said it worked better than their meds. ? I’m afraid to do with ATN. Ice cream causes me to hurt. I hope this info helps. D

Thank you! I will try that! At this point I am not sure what is going on. I finally got some rest last night - my head has calmed down but my TN has not - mostly my ear! My gosh I wish my doctor would call me back

My dr put my on imetrex 100mg as needed (there are directions for the as needed that are explained by the dr) for migraines. It works well for me, I’ve been taking it for quite some time. My pain dr is on frova for migraines. There is also trexamet that I’ve been on which is imetrex +naproxin that works well( my insurance no longer will cover trexamet). TN triggers my migraines also as well as (what one of my drs diagnosed as) cluster headaches. My headaches would last for days now with imetrex, which I take at the onset of a bad headache, my headache is gone within 20mins to a couple hours depending if I can catch it in time.

Is naproxen the best to use for OTC pain medication?

That depends on what your dr says mine says take the imetrex with 2 alieve I have a hard time with alieve and my dr said its ok for me to take ibuprofen in moderation.

I think anything would be better than nothing. I can't take alieve because I'm allergic but I take ibuprofen and it works well in getting the headache out before it starts. However my neurologist told me alieve is great to push out a migraine - it's how I found out I was allergic to it.

If you start having more migraines then the imetrex is the way to go. I can't take imetrex because I get complicated migraines, can't see, can't talk and it could lead to a stroke in my case. But I've heard great things about it.

You may not have another migraine for a long time or not at all. Keep a log of when get them and how long they last - that way your doc can help you make the best decision. If this is your first one then I would start with alieve whenever you feel a headache coming on.

How are doing now?

I agree taking something is better than being in agony. Keeping the log is also a great idea. But you should still make sure to talk to your dr and show him your logto make sure you get the best treatment for your headache

If your Lyrica stopped working is because you built a resistance to the mgs of the meds. Maybe you need to take more. Ask your doctor. I started with 75mgs. a day and I am now taking the max amount of lyrica of 600mgs. daily. Maybe you can try this before you venture into a new drug. I find lyrica to be the gentlest meds that you can take. I feel comfortable managing my facial pain thru lyrica. And if you stop taking it abruptly, it might give you seizures, that prob explains your episodes. You can't stop taking it without weaning yourself out of it. But it sounds like you need to add mgs. to what you are taking now. When I get painful migraines, I take my sumatriptans and it helps the migraines. I take it when needed. With our chronic pain, it takes experience to manage and handle our TN and migraines. I learned thru trial and errors. I hope this message helps you.

I've had migraines since I was a child but they were very rare. Once a decade. Then in the last two years I've had them or had to try and stop them before they took hold about once a month. Only now, with this thread, I see the connection between TN and why the migraines have increased in frequency. In the last two months I've had them start nearly every week. An aura, unexplained nausea and vomiting, light hurting. So far none have taken hold but I will much more vigilant about them thanks to this thread and the people here.

my tn2 started with horrible migraine headache that was constant for months I delt with it so awful I am now currently on 75 mg of nortriptyline a day and thanks goodness it has helped! I still get a headache here and there throughout the month but its not as severe and I have found advil and sleep takes it away when I do have one. The only other thing that helped me when I wasn't on meds was chiropractic although it was never a cure just a quick fix

look into Graston Technique for your neck. Its a form of deep massage done with metal rods.

.Migraines can be from neck muscles pulling your face and head muscles. This causes migraines.

Graston loosens the neck muscles.

I had used nerve blocks and Botox which were bandaids. This Graston seems to work differently and really works.

Done by chiropracter in his office.