Setting up a TN support group in London ON. and could use some ideas of how to set it up and what to cover

I am helping to start a support group in London and I am looking for input as to the format and topics etc. I have some ideas on guest speakers and have a few who would be willing to come in and talk with the group. I have never been part of a support group and we are going to seek input from those people who come to the meetings but in the interim I thought I would seek your input.

Are you part of a face to face support group? What things do you cover at your meetings and what is your meeting format?

If you aren't part of a group - what types of things would you like to do and discuss at meetings.

Thanks for your help and for taking the time to submit your ideas and comments.



Excellent Liz,

Looking forward to meeting and connecting with others that have are needing support and those of us that have been through a treatment we believe in. Keep us posted.


Thanks Sarah.

The first meeting is scheduled for Monday April 16th Mount Hope Room W064

7 - 9 p.m. I am thinking the first meeting will be to meet and share experiences and to discuss objectives of the group and goals.

Looking forward to having a group in London.