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Second MVD today

Had 2nd MVD in Mexico, today by Dr. Mauro Segura.
It’s been 10 days after 2nd MVD, I am feeling so much better. Definitely NO TN pain of any type, I have been able to talk again, wash my face, my teeth, wear my glasses, eat… Well everything I couldn’t do before. The surgeon found that the padding which was between the vein and the nerve had moved, so this time he cut and burnt the vein so never grows back and put a new teflon pad. The only thing is the right side face was numb, but it’s been getting better every day, just my right jaw and side of my tongue. But no TN, praise God!

I had MVD years ago. It didn’t work for me :unamused:… I didn’t know you could have that surgery a second time??? Please keep me update on your recovery. I pray it works for you. :pray:t2:


Best of luck Mitzi, will be thinking of you.

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Hope all went well and let us know if it works as I also did not know a 2nd was possible?

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Best of luck

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I am contemplating MVD…Will look for reports on your progress. Anyone have success with it?

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I had my first MVD in 2014 at JohnsHopkins in Baltimore and it was not successful but l found a surgeon in Toronto, Ontario who thought he could help me and had my second surgery last November 13, 2018. The surgery was a success and so far no pain, it did however leave the left side of my face numb, kinda like coming out of dental surgery…numb but never quite completely thawed! A small price to pay!!! Dr Tymiansky is the top neurosurgeon at St. Michaels Hospital and head of the neurosurgery department.
So nice to be able to brush my teeth, wash my face and get kisses from my grandkids again! Weaned myself off all meds after six weeks, so great not to feel like a zombie anymore. Best of luck!

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Good luck to you! Mine was a total success, so glad I had it done!

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Thank you Sharon. I will check out Surgeons in other areas. It kind of depends on my insurance…We have a couple people at Albany Med. So glad you are pain free. Yes just to be able to brush my teeth would be wonderful!
Thank you again. You have been a help…

DR. Jon Lee at U OF PENN. He’s done a few - go to a MD that has done many MVD surgeries.

I had an endoscopic MVD performed by Dr Jon YK Lee of Penn medicine. He saw on my T3 MRI where nerve was on artery. When he went in he also found nerve was rubbing a vein. He corrected both and I have been pretty much pain free. Every once in a while I get very very mild twinges. I know the pain can return, so fingers crossed. On my last follow up visit Dr. Lee hugged me and said “I hope I never have to see you again, but if I do you know where to find me”.

Endoscopic MVD…Does that mean he din’t have to remove a section of bone to gain access? So glad you are not having the extreme pain. Did your insurance cover the procedure? I do hope you do not have a return of symptoms. Thank you so much for your input.

I had this done in 2017. He removed a very small piece of bone. No metal plate needed. He used bone putty which eventually grows to the skull. I only needed pain meds the 2 days I was in the hospital and only needed half dose. I just used extra strength Tylenol the first full day I was at home, then nothing. After 10 days I was permitted to drive a 5 mile radius. Best of luck with whatever procedure you decide to have.

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I was fortunate my insurance did cover most of the cost.

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Yes, it worked so far no electric shocks on my cheek, no pain on my head, I can do everything I couldn’t do before. Only thing right side of my jaw is numb, but it feels like it’s getting better every day. Please make sure the neurosurgeon you talk to has done what they call repair of previous MVD.

Bosltov, those small tingles stop gradually, don’t worry about them, six months to a year all of that will be just a bad memory.