Second MVD, severing the works

Hello all my fellow TN travelers....after a failed MVD I decided to have was do or die for me...Nov 29, 2012 I had my second MVD,...but this time it was to sever the nerve and that is exactly what the surgeon did...I have been PAIN FREE since, over nine months now. I have no more pain, zero, only continuous prickles on the left side of my face, it feels kinda like when your foot goes to sleep, and I have no real feeling on that side of my face, but my facial muscles work fine. The surgeon said that I was the worst TN case he had ever encountered, and TN MVD surgery is his specialty. I was ready to check out, 38 pistol loaded. I had suffered for seven years straight, but guess what, nowdays life is good and I appreciate every minute I am pain free..Im golfing again, partying again, living again, enjoying my new grandson, you name it.... still have the devil trying to send a pain spasm through my face, I can feel it when he bangs on the door, but the pain never arrives...there is no nerve to travel on. I lucked out folks and so can you....Love you all and hang in there, you can beat the TN beast too.

I had dr Casey…down to teeny percent pain almost two years later…

very happy for you and me…

Have not see you here in long time… When was first MVD.?

Who was your MVD superhero?

You can read my page and see how many previous procedures I had, including Gamma Knife, which I think made things worse for me,,,,my first MVD was Dec. 10 2011.

Vic, so happy to read your update!
The thought of cutting the nerve scares me to be honest, but I know how this pain will make us consider all options, and I’m grateful that you’ve shared your positive outcome with this procedure!
None of us really know if we too may need to resort to this procedure, so it’s encouraging to hear your story. Thank you for sharing!
I wish you continuos well being, I hope the devils knocks remain unanswered ( love the analogy!) keep enjoying life and let us know how you’re doing from time to time!
((( hugs ))) Mimi

Vic, old friend:) I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. It can be tricky but clearly the way to go for you, enjoy!

Hi Jackie, Mimi and all my TN buddies...its been a long tough road and I could not have navigated it and survived without all of your support and kind encouragement...God Bless....and thanks so much...

I am so happy for you!!!

Vic glad you're staying with us on this world. Truly inspiring - a testament to all of those who've considered checking out on those bad days (Myself among them) that even the few good days you do have makes living worthwhile - you only get one life. Sure we all got a bum-deal, but it's for us to make the best of it and help each other through. Together we are stronger and We Will All Win This Fight. May your low-pain days be numerous and long, Lukey x

Awwe…I am soo happy for you. Good to hear. May you have many more peaceful days ahead.

I am so happy for you. I feel that is my only hope but have read so many horror stories along with some success stories. I have made my situations worse due to 2 failed MVD’s and 2 cyberknifes. I am so glad to hear yours was such a success!!!

Great to hear and I am with you lack of feeling is well worth the price to rid yourself of TN pain. Enjoy life and stay pain free..Congratulations..Ed

I'm so happy for you! I can completely relate to being ready to check out...gotten to that point myself a couple times with this mess.

Thanks for's posts like this that help me keep my chin up, because i know that, eventually, i'll find something that works. Even if it's just cutting the damn nerve. (which i'm sorely tempted to ask for)

..and yeah, i have my first grandson on it's way, so some days just looking forward to that helps too. lol

Glad you've found relief and hope to join ya someday...


Thank you very much Vic! Please stay pain free!!!

Ann xx

Congratulations Vic for making a choice that worked for you. This was risky but worked out for you! If that is one thing I am learning with TN is that I have to realize we take 100% responsibility for our selves and our decisions. To pretend otherwise is dangerous with TN. Not that others are not there to assist and to implement our decisions like our skilled Neurosurgeons and doctors. But we end up with the results. I love your story and so glad you shared it. I am new to TN (several months with the condition) have it stabilized for the moment. I am working the medication route and so far so good. We each don't know the path this condition will take and may well mentally prepare ourselves to be resourceful. I have noticed that by participating in this forum and trying to help others in the end helps me most of all.