Searching for Southern California Doc for MVD


I am looking for recommendations for neurosurgeons that have successfully done

LOTS of MVD. I am considering a doc affliliated with Hoag Neuroscience. Any thoughts?

I know Dr Duma does any gamma knife but not sure about MVD. He may be able to refer you. Good luck

Hello Pris,

Thank you for your response. I don't know if this will get to you since my Safari seems to need an RSS feed. Have to get to that. I've seen Dr. Duma. Did he do Gamma Knife for you? I'm getting a second opinion with Dr. Linsky tomorrow. I hope to get some more direction.

I have not had gamma knife but know a gal that has but not for TN. She said he has no bedside manner but is very good and has a good reputation at Hoag.

I'm still doing the drug thing. I'm on 1800 mg Gabapentin and he is thinking about adding tegretol. My nero is Dr Cleeremens.

I've been taking the same amount of Gabapentin under the brand name: Gralise. Works better for me than regular gabapentin.. Also taking Baclufen on top. Did you receive a response about medical marijuana? Do you know if it can help?

I see a facial pain doctor at Hoag that is wonderful !! He is immensely responsive and compassionate and very experienced with TN. He is not a neuro but refers to them when the time comes. That's now for me.

Who is the pain doc you see at Hoag? He probably sees more TN people that my neuro.

Dr. Makki specializes in facial pain and has a background in dentistry. How many of us have started with unknowing dental professionals who couldn't help or diagnose?

im in the san diego area and had dr kenneth ott do the mvd on me...woke up pain free in the icu...i rejected the titanium plate and that cased some problems and added about a month to recovery. im one year out as of 7/30/14 and thank my lucky stars!


I've seen 28 doctors in SOCAL and have had 2 MVDS and 2 Gamma knifes. I would stay as far away from Dr. Shahinian as possible. He has a team of lawyers because of how many patients have had issues with him. I know from experience. Ican tell you about it privately if you want. Mark Linsky from UCI was amazing. Best neurosurgeon you could ask for! Hoag is excellent! Went there as well. They call me every year to check up and see how I am and its been 5 years. I saw Dr. Duma and he was not that pleasant. Just research like crazy and ask them how many MVDs they do each year. make sure its a lot! They're taking a knife to your head-ya know! praying for you and the direction you take!