Screen names - Ben's Friends values your privacy

Some of you may have noticed that your screen name now appears different. If you had your full name as your screen name, I changed it in order to better protect your privacy. If the shortened name is not to your liking, please private message me by clicking on the ModSupport icon and let me know what you would rather your name be, and I’ll change it.

Sharon from ModSupport


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A shorter name is fine.

Thank you


Happy with shortened version

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No problem Ben do what is safe​:heart::heart:

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I know this is not in direct response to your email but I’m having a technical problem. I’m trying to get onto the discourse hub but I haven’t been able to find The group, what is it listed under? I’ve had some dental work and I’m having a flareup and I’m really trying to get back into the group can you help please?
Thanks- Krista


I think you need to specify the site as

So don’t forget the “www.” bit at the beginning.

Let me know if that works / doesn’t


I’m in, it worked, thanks!

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