Living With Facial Pain

Scented candles


Has anyone ever tried having scented candles around to help with pain?



Yes. I’ve used essential oil lavender scented candles as secondary therapy with migraines. I light one on the nightstand and lay down when things are particularly bad. I’ve done it with ATN flares as well.

I tend to think it’s more the effort of relaxing then the scent candle itself, but, it’s all a cocktail anyway and any part that lends a hand is more than welcomed.



Thank you so much for responding to me. My daughter is getting a kit to make candles and she was asking me if it might help with my pain. I’m glad it helps you. I like to try things other than pills!



Hi MJ12, I use essential oils (of course 100% real and natural, not “fragrance oils”) to help calm my nerves. I mix lavender & lemon essential oils with water in a spray bottle and spray every time I need to calm my mind (which is often lately!), especially at night. I find it helps me sleep (which it’s known to do generally).

Candles that throw a lot of scent may be fragranced with artificial compounds – so, not aromatherapy, but if the scent/look is pleasing and calming to you, it can’t do any harm and in fact probably can help with your state of mind.

Please let us know how it goes. :slight_smile: