Scenar biofeedback machine for TN treatment, anyone tried it?

We were referred by a friend who has a friend that had TN successfully treated by someone with one of these units. I have spoken to the practitioner and given her the 3rd degree and I do believe she is genuine. She is a sports physiologist, has worked in this role for a team in London Olympic Games, underwent official training in use of Scenar machine and has been using it as a healing therapy for the last 15 years.

She has treated three people with TN and all had positive results, the most recent case [the friend above] was female, a short termer and only required one treatment, The one before that was male, long termer TN 10yrs+ had nerve severed on one side then it recurred on other side, he needed 8 treatments before the TN subsided and the third was not discussed.

We have appointment mid July, fees are in line with normal consults, treatment is low risk and she is near by so we’ll give it a shot.

Both the Scenar and Tens machine evolved from same technology but Tens is just one way electrical stimulation, whereas the Scenar responds to the bodies own signals and self adjusts accordingly.

Only found a few testimonials on line, but here’s link to supplier site;

Apologies in advance to the OP, as I am not well aquatinted with members. Beware of promotions. We are easy marks and speak with experience to my naïveté. Not looking for an argument.

I do agree re promotions and am probably more skeptical than most but when there is no conclusive causal hypothesis then every treatment is experimental and it falls back to “Buyer Beware”.

So trust no one regardless of qualification or good/bad intention, investigate all with a critical eye and make informed decisions.

Been a long time away,
We went through around a dozen sessions with the scenar treatment, initially it seemed to be having a positive effect as there were improvements after each session, but midway through we had a relapse and it became obvious that the treatment was having minimal if any effect on the trigeminal symptoms.
We gave the protocol a fair trial but concluded it was ineffective in our situation and we have decided no further treatments at this stage.
I do believe the SCENAR is a valid treatment for some Neuromuscular issues just not in this case.