Scary symptom from my face pain

I keep getting pain like a razor blade is cutting along my scalp and forhead on both sides it only lasts a few seconds but its really scary and hurts anyone else get this? It hurts like that when I raise my eyebrows too

Hi, just saw this, yes, I get that too and razor blade pain is exactly how I described it too first time it happened. Now mostly stinging/ burning…everywhere scalp, left side.

Call doctor tomorrow!!!

Tell them how often, any triggers , get some pain relief or some answers! or BOTH

Bellalarke I was still tapering up on my meds when this started happening i think it was changing the pain but thankfully i don't have it now since im at a higher dose keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't come back!

Thanks for the input jstagrl. I have figured out a lot of the triggers, particularly upward light touch on face and scalp. Downward touch not so much. I hope your razor blade pain doesn’t come back too!