Scariest TN Moment

Living in anticipation of pain daily has upped my blood pressure, made me change habits and put me through all kinds of Machiavellian procedures. But that has not been the scariest moment to date. The worst was driving down Interstate 35 at 70 miles an hour and having an attack hit me so hard the tears were instant. I had my daughter, my friend and her daughter with me. I was fighting to slow down and move over to the shoulder while the pain lashed at my face. I was shaking so hard. Thank the Higher Powers that Nina was in the passenger seat. She took the wheel and steered us over to the side of the road. We sat there for probably 15 minutes so I could pull myself together and down a handful of pills. The girls were terrified. Nina drove the rest of the way home.

Since then, I don't drive long distances without a licensed drive next to me. I make sure I have just enough meds in my system. I fear, eventually TN will take my ability to drive away.

That has been my scariest moment to date...Yours?

Mine too was driving, in Cleveland while doing work visits. All I could thing of is clenching my mouth, tears running down my face driving to find a parking lot to pull over until the attack was gone.