Scared of going to the dentist

My mother had a rhizotomy last year and she's been ok. Still on high doses of Tegretol though. The problem she's starting to have a cavity on her front tooth but she's too scared to go to the dentist. Truth is I'm scared for her too. What should we do?

I don't know what to do. Wish I could help but I'm in the same situation. I had a root canal done a few months ago. The dentist only put in a temporary filling and I was supposed to get it crowned right away but seeing as he hit my trigeminal nerve and I've been diagnosed TN ever since that LOVELY root canal I'm terrified to go back. The tooth I need the crown on is cracking and it's terrible but what if they hit it again and make it worse? I don't know what to do and I'm probably going to end up losing my tooth. :(


I was in the same boat she was in as I didn’t go to the dentist for almost three years after I was diagnosed. The thought of going to the dentist was too much. I finally had to go to the dentist as I had one tooth that was chipped off and the bottom tooth that had a big infection. I would wake up during the night in so much pain, so I knew I needed to do something. I ended up having to have nine feelings and four teeth pulled. Due to me having TN the only dentist that I could find to help me as at the dental school through hospital dentistry. They put you under general or sedation and all the work was done in one or two times depending. It can either be done at the dental school or at the hospital. You aren’t admitted as it is just day surgery. I found a dentist I really like at UCLA hospital dentistry and I have had multiple fillings and am going in for a feeling and dental clearing later this month. I have problems with anesthesia, so I have to have dental work at the main hospital and it has really worked for me. My medical insurance covers the hospital portion and dental insurance covers the dental.

If you have a dental school by where you live and they have hospital dentistry it is worth a thought.

I hope she can find something to help as I know how painful dental issues can be

Thanks so much for your replies (Beth & Nicole)

I wonder if there's a page where TN patients can find advice about going to the dentist; is it advisable to get full sedation or is local anaesthetic ok? Do we have to find special dentists who treat TN patients? Any recommendations?


I found a link on dental work and TN, it may help. For some people local anesthetic seems to be okay, but anytime my face it touched my pain becomes really bad. Many times they are touching your face and working on the side with the TN, which can trigger the pain. I couldn’t find any dentist that would treat me as they all told me my case was too complicated due to my TN. I did hear of a few dentists that have knowledge in TN, but I haven’t found any that know beyond what they read in a text book. Since I have serious problem with anesthesia, I cannot go a dentist in private practice that did the sedation at their office without an anesthesiologist.

Hope this helps

I totally understand! I just went on the 22nd of Oct. to have work done on my bad side. It seemed to go well, but now I am having lots of trouble and my meds aren't helping! I am PRAYING that it's the tooth and NOT the T.N. I go back to the dentist Wednesday for my permanent crown. I am hoping that it's just the tooth needing a root canal or something because it was a pretty deep cavity(or maybe it's just a little infection). I couldn't even TOUCH those teeth or the left side of my tongue this morning with a toothbrush, and I am having to eat soft food and sometimes it even hurts to swallow that! But your mom does NOT need to neglect her teeth. They will only get worse and make it worse to get it fixed. Praying for her.