Scalp pain?

Does anyone else have scalp pain with their Tn? If so, where are the scalp?

I meant where ON the scalp…:wink:

yes I do the scalp pain I have is on the top of my head over toward the right side it always feels like a sor spot or tightness

Wendywen74 said:

I meant where ON the scalp....;)

Yes...this started recently for me. I do not get scalp only pain,buy when something else is acting up it does tingle into my scalp. It moves from the top of my head to the total right side of the skull. It is never only scalp, but secondary to another pain. I have no idea as to WHY. Need one of the smart people in the room for an answer.

that describes ho I experience this wierd thing too let me know if you find the answer!thank for responding I have wondered about this since mt surgery last oct

Thanks everyone for responding:) I have no idea either. My neurologist had suggested that I possible had both occipital and Trigeminal neuralgia because of the left sided scalp pain. My scalp pain is located on the top left side of my head towards the outer side. I also have pain on the left side sort of behind my ear/back of my skull. It’s a burning tingling feeling. Almost like being slashed with a razor. The feeling starts at the top inner side of my left eyebrow. It also feels like an electric current running through my forehead and scalp. I have left sided jaw and teeth pain too which is how it all started before the scalp and eyebrow pain.

I can have, not every time, scalp pain. It is goes from left ear up to the top of my head. I cannot touch or move my hair in that area.

Wow, thats so funny because I decided last week to go to a chiropractor and he explained to me about the non surgical decompression that he does. I’ve only did one session on the machine so far but am going to go 3 times this week. I signed up for the 25 sessions and it’s expensive but atleast we got a military discount because my Hubby is airforce. That gives me hope that it’s helped you so hopefully it will do the same for me:) thanks for replying back to me:)

Lori Essert said:

I have scalp pain too and used to go to my forehead and eye area and started from neck. It’s a burning pain. I started doing decompression at the chiropractor and the pain is getting better. It’s an electric traction machine that stretches the neck and helps compressed nerves. My pain went from a 9 to a 5 the first week and I use no pain meds.

I also do physical therapy on my neck which is neck exercises and ultrasound and decompression machine there too. I think the decompression machine has worked the best and my chiropractor adjustments. God bless you and I pray that your pain goes away.


Awwwww:) thanks Lori. I will Definately let you know if it helps and im so happy it’s helping you!! The very first time I went last week I had my regular burning head pain but also had a regular really bad migraine due to my blood pressure meds. As soon as he adjusted me I stood up and for a few minutes had ZERO pain!! It was soooo wierd but awesome!! Then he had me do the decompression machine and I left his office with my migraine mostly gone. Ofcourse I still have the neuralgia going on, but I think maybe this treatment could really work if I continue!!

Lori Essert said:


Good luck with your decompression. I do mine 4x a week and it really helps me with my pain levels. Let me know how it goes. I pray it helps for you too. :slight_smile: