Scalp pain after gamma knife?

All---I had Gamma Knife back in June 2013 (9 months now). I STILL CANNOT put pressure on the left side of the back of my head without having sharp, shooting pain penetrating from where the screw went in on the left side. When this happens, it may be a couple hours before the pain goes away. I cannot get comfortable at night because of course I like to sleep on my left side. I've adjusted to falling asleep on my right side but will roll over while in my sleep. Oftentimes this will wake me up and I'll roll over or I'll wake up with a "headache" on the left side of my head. To top this off, the left side is where I have my trigeminal pain. Fun, fun. question is this: I expected scalp pain immediately after Gamma Knife and BOY DID I HAVE PAIN AFTER. But, have any of you fellow Gamma Knifers experienced or are still experiencing scalp pain months after surgery? If so, do you or how do you find relief, if at all? Any help/advice is much appreciated! MANY THANKS! I look forward to hearing back.