Living With Facial Pain

Salon pas


Hi there
Salon pas also has a patch with methyl salicate (spelling is off) that
helps me.Peppermint essential oil along the nerve helps me a ton.And less
obvious than the patch.
Also trying to wash the nerve side of my face with pure apple cider
vinegar.I heard that can help if there is a virus in the nerve.I have also
read that drinking it can aggravate the nerve.
all we can do is try and then share.
wishing you wellness


Peppermint does work great when pain is starting up. It calms the nerve down.
Best to use as soon as first sign of pain.
I carry it everywhere I go.


I usually put peppermint oil directly on teeth and gum line since I think it would not harm you if you swallowed some. I usually use a tissue in mouth to get most of it out.
It can stop the pain within minutes, if used right away.


I got the patches at Walmart.


I also use Salon Pas. I put one on my face and another on the back of my neck. It sometimes helps


I have started cutting them in really narrow strips and they work just as well.I forget who mentioned that.And they last longer and are not as blatant.Maybe put makeup on them and they would just blend in to all the other wrinkles