Living With Facial Pain

Salon pas


Just trying those patches out now.
It works.
And these are not the capsicain patches either.
40 of them for 5 bucks.
Look as stupid as anything on my chin-but it works and I am going to sleep and enjoy not being drugged to the bone.



Great to hear that you have found something for pain relief! We have to try every avenue that we can, you just never know what is going to do the trick. Have a good night sleep!



That’s great to hear. It’s nice to be able to do something that is more natural and not with all the side effects of the usual drugs. How long do you leave it on for?



I was cutting patches (lidocaine or salon pas) to fit just on my chin as well – after all, the directions say to apply at the source of the pain – my mom suggested cutting a long strip and running it right along the nerve along my jaw. I started doing that and found it worked even better! So now I cut a strip of patch and put it on along my jaw bone from chin to just in front of my ear. Glad to hear you’re getting some relief with a patch.



Thank you all for your support.Sometimes I feel like I am spamming the board with all my little ideas.I am just so frustrated with this.
So MJ12-I have been leaving it on a bit longer than the 2 hours-but it works immediately. It does not stop the burning tooth pain but it seems to do something for the new chin pain as soon as I slap it on.
Azurelle-great idea about cutting it to go along the nerve.
I need to find my scissors for something else and will put them beside the pads for tomorrow.
And Ziggy-it put me down for an afternoon nap-no idea why-but I will take sleep over pain any day.



What are these pads everyone is talking about? I missed the original message. Don’t know if they will help, but it would be good know. I am back on tegretol now and something natural would be a relief. Thanks Gloria37



These are topical patches that you can get OTC at a pharmacy, formulated for pain and usually marketed for arthritis pain.

Salon Pas brand contains menthol and methyl salicylate. There are also patches that contain about 4% lidocaine.

Worth giving a try if your pain is closer to the skin surface.

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Today I tried using some of the peppermint essential oil on my chin.Does the same job as the patch-just don’t look like a moron walking around with a white pad on my face
Gloria-the salonpas pads are available on the shelf at Shopper’s Drug Mart and if you have a Chinatown they should be in the stores there.Also online,I guess.
I also tried sucking in my cheeks last night and the lumps on the bad side of my face on my chin are so apparent.Did not ever think to do that at a doctor visit and none of the doctors ever asked me to do that when I would say my chin is swollen on the right side.And they would say there,there,nothing wrong.



My pain is on my eye, forehead, and scalp. I couldn’t figure out how to use a patch and still go about life. My dermatologist invented a numbing cream that works like a gem! But thanks for the idea, I may try the patch at night!



I am so glad you have something that works.
I have a super numbing cream but it does not seem to work as well as the patch.But the patch looks bizarre.
But it does show people that there is something going on with the face.



So sorry it didn’t work. I am definitely going to try the patch. Do you have Type 1 or Type 2?



I have type 2
or that is the closest I can get to a diagnosis.Neuropathic pain from dental procedure they say.Until they change their minds.
And say I have something else.
Very frustrating.Waiting for more imaging.



What is the numbing cream? Would it be possible for your doctor to share the recipe with my doctor?



Phenylephrine POW HCL, Benzocaine USP, Lidocaine USP powder, Tetracaine USP
(Free Base) POW Propylene LIQ Glycol

It’s Prestige Numbing Cream. The name of the office where my dermatologist
is located is Prestige Dermatology.

I order the cream from Gibson Pharmacy 972-■■■■■■■■, 815 North O’Connor Rd,
Irving, TX

Hope that helps.




My doctor is Dr. Pham 817-■■■■■■■■



I am trying the patches too. They’re working at night. But my pain is on my forehead and eye so I can’t wear them during the day. So I use the numbing cream during the day, and patch if needed at night.



What is Salon Pas? Where i can get it. Let me know. Thanks



Hi there
It is a cheap patch with ointment cream in it.Mine were 40 for 5 bucks.
I got mine in a Chinese store but I saw them in a Shopper’s Drug Mart on
the shelf for about 8 bucks.
It works
You know-a different sensation.As much as anything works-maybe a bit better.
I am also using peppermint essential oil (straight) on the sore place and
behind my ear and the nape of my neck.It is much less obvious than a stupid
white pad stuck on my face(like I don’t know where to put a sanitary
pad).So when I am out or in the middle of the night I can rub some on until
the next dose of drugs.It has helped a lot.I would just love to needle it
under my skin.It is about 10 bucks for the essential oil.I have tried to
find german chamomile essential oil but it is not available at any price .I
am also trying gelsemium homeopathic pellets.A herbalist has tincture that
I will get next week.
We just have to keep on trying.
How are you doing?



Lidocaine or Salon Pas patch isn’t for SURFACE pain, it’s for along the nerve itself. The goal of the patch is to topically numb the nerve that’s causing the problem. Lidocaine patches were originally developed for RA pain and Shingles pain, they really work best with Shingles, which is fundamentally nerve pain. Which is what TN and TN2 is…

I’ve been using a lidocaine patch for TN2 for about 18 months now. What I find works is to cut a strip of patch the length of my jaw about an inch wide then apply it right along the nerve path along my lower jaw. I do this because I tend to have problems with the side of my chin. But when my nose was bothering me I ran a patch strip along the nerve brand across the “apple” of my cheek and that helped as well.

I’ve found it works best if I follow the branch of the nerve that’s flaring.



The Salon Patch sounds like a great way to deal with the pain. I’m going to give it a go. I have Type 2TN. I read several years ago about lidocaine spray that was prescribed in England. I talked to my neurologist and she worked with the pharmacy to come up with something comparable. The pharmacist came up with a nasal spray that had 4% lidocaine. Since I’m never without the burning pain going along the nerve in my nose and aching along my cheek bone the lidocaine spray gives me a measure of relief and lowers my need for narcotic pain reliever all of the time. But I really need something for the aching. It sounds like the lidocaine patch might do the trick. The downside for me is making sure I’m not using too much lidocaine as I’ve been warned about lidocaine poisoning.