Salivary(porotid) gland pain

Anyone have issues with this gland on the side of their pain?

For the past 10 days after upping my cymbalta to 60mg I felt close to perfect. I haven't taken a percocet for several days and didn't feel the need to at any point.

But then this morning it feels like a knot in the side of the jaw and it feels slightly swollen if I rub my tongue back there. And damn it hurts like hell.

For a few months it's seemed a bit swollen, I can feel the hole where the saliva comes in with my tongue because it's a bump. Also the saliva has tasted kinda sour/irony for a long time and I wonder if it's an infection or something. I also get this burning mouth watering type feeling on the same side craving tobacco even after quitting for years. It's bizarre.

I never did get to an ENT, the neuro said he referred me but they never called me to schedule so we just skipped it.

Is the general doctor worth seeing? Can they give antibiotics or something to reduce it? My GP is pretty worthless on the whole face pain but I don't hold it against him because my case has been pretty tough to figure out and looking back on it he did give me nortriptyline first which has still been the most effective drug for me.

I don't think my TN face pain is caused by the salivary gland because I have pain in other places as well and don't see how it could travel from there, so it's probably unrelated. I have really bad TMJ so maybe at night I ground my teeth funky or something to flare it up.

Anyone have experiences with this gland/pain?

There are a few of us on here - I'm not sure it's always on my TN side - I think mine switches back and forth

I've been tested for sojourns and other autoimmune diseases - all negative. The year my TN started at the oral surgeons office, coincience???? is the same year I kept getting intermittent salivary gland infections.

I seem to get them on weekends and nights and usually go to the "urgent care" - not same as ER.... they give me steroids if I need them and antibiotics. $25-- I know that taste in the mouth verrrrry well - ICK

My next step (Since I don't want a needle biopsy of my face!)

is to get a sample of the saliva cultured, or have ENT take a tiny bit of inside the lip tissue - and find out what bacteria has caused this --- maybe because for so long I couldn't brush my teeth enough??? I dont know -

I think if you can - get to ENT - and they should take care of you.....

Let us know what happens