Sadness after MVD:(

I am 14 days post op my MVD surgery for TN. I seem to be doing OK despite my left ear feeling plugged up most of the time.I'm finding that my days are pretty good but as evening turns to night I become so sad about any and every thing. I'm not sure if its because I'm tired or what but it is such an odd symptom. Any one else ever had anything like this?

Is your pain better?

Call your doctor and tell them all this stuff!

I called yesterday and left a message and no one called back. I have had twinges of face pain but it is very, very minimal.I have a hard time sorting out what is surgery pain. Would that sadness be a symptom of something?

Are you going off any of your medications? I was taking Nortriptyline which is an anti-depressant and as I cut back and quit taking it, I noticed it a bit even though I wasn't on a very high dose to begin with. It lasted a few weeks before my moods seemed back to normal.

Hmmm....I just realized they took me off Baclofan cold turkey immediately after the surgery but with everything else going on I didn't even consider that. I wasn't on a high dose but I'd been on it for awhile.

This is a symptom of medications commonly used for TN. Work closely with your neurologist and or internist. If you feel suicidal, go to the emergency room. I am very sorry you are suffering from this as you heal. Hang in there. It gets better.

Holy crap… Call pharmacist…!!!

And…or google baclofen cold turkey!!

This may be because of several different factors: the surgery and the brain settling down, med decreases and the emotional roller coaster you have been. You have been through a lot. I had MVD and it took me an entire year to feel normal. Please contact your Doctor immediately, if you are feeling suicidal please call 911 or go to your nearest ER room

Hi sweetie, I agree with the possibilities listed above…but what stands out to me is the emotional roller coaster ride …sometimes our emotions can catch up to us after a significant event ( like MVD surgery) I wouldn’t be surprised if now that the surgery is over your whole being has taken a big deep breath, after all the pain fear, hope, stress, frustration, etc leading up to the surgery, now your emotions could be catching up to you…
Definitely check side effects of coming off Baclofen suddenly talk to your doctor, but go easy on yourself and allow the sadness to come and then GO…it wouldn’t be abnormal to have these emotions after a traumatic event and Living with TN can be traumatic as well as waiting for going through an MVD.
Sending positive thoughts for a continued healing/ recovery …
PS. Dr. F was on the news the other night talking about the new Gamma Knife UofA is getting…thought of you…
Huge ((( hugs ))) Mimi

Mimi thank you so much. I think you hit the nail on the head. If it wasn’t for this group I would’ve been so so lost. :heart: