Living With Facial Pain

Sad and Dreadful


OK ,thanks
I will see if my brain can retain that.


Linda the gabapentin is bad at the water gain. Once I dropped a pill I lost 5 lbs quicky. All water. I feel for you. You are on a super pain regime. My poor stomach couldn’t handle vicodin or morphine I’d have to pop anti-nausea pills like crazy but does that cocktail work for you?


I can say honestly that it only takes the edge off. I failed on 2 radiation treatments and seizure medication regimen. The seizure medication left me with double vision and nausea. Not to mention the water gain. I struggle everyday with the pain in and on my left ear and hairline. There are many days I just can’t get out of bed. TN has kicked my ass but pray every day that God keeps my attitude good and I will someday get my life back. I also tell God that I am ready to go to heaven anytime he wants to take me. I’m not going to end my own life. Life still has rewarding moments that I cling to and rejoice. I have no regrets although I still catch myself thinking WHY ME? This is hard.


It truly is.
I will keep you in my prayers


I am so sorry. Can you take a tricyclic anti-depressant? I used to be on Elavil. I didn’t like it because it made my pain worse and now I’m on pamelor and that helps a lot. I do feel what you feel about the Heaven part and your right life does have rewarding moments. Just try to focus on those. I became an aunt last year and that little girl is like my whole world. I can be around her and the pain is in the background. Just find something you really love and do it. I get the “why me?” I really do. I don’t think TN has kicked your ass because of the positivity you have. You are in my prayers and I <3 you. Talk to me anytime


Thank you. I’m on one. It’s gets me sleep initially but doesn’t keep me there. I hope you have many pain free days. Thanks a lot.