After visiting Dr Margaret Dennis, one of the doctors we love, she ordered an MRI, the first one since March of last year (the year I had my trauma). She found out that I had damage to my TMJ and that my TN was secondary to my TMJ. She said that it was TNP, basically TN, but caused by trauma. She went on to show my bf and I the reasons that I had RSD or CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome by explaining my MRI to us in detain for 2 hours, seriously. She is through as well as kind.

She referred us to Dr Susanti Chowdhury, an anesthesiologist who does the Stellate Ganglion Blocks. I highly recommend him (he's in Largo, FL) I had 5 blocks, 3-left & 2-right. The first one was diagnostic and the others were to try and put the RSD into remission. He said it depended on the damage to the TMJ as to if I need surgery.

So, here I am....talking and chewing at a minimal and trying to behave my self.

....and the journey continues...