Root Canals… Again

My pain started 6 years ago with fillings and then immediate needing root canals following.

I unfortunately might be in that same situation again. I had a couple of fillings done and now those teeth are extremely sensitive and have every indication that the nerve is dying.

Does anyone have any positive stories about getting a root canal after their pain began? I plan on increasing my nortriptyline to help manage everything. My pain has just been so well controlled over the last couple of years and I’m so nervous about it being unmanageable again. Thanks!

I wish I had something good to say to you :unamused:, I stay away from the dentist. My neurosurgeons advice! Just don’t let your dentist do the root canal. I wish you luck and no pain.

Liz5, i would suggest you get an MRI. It sounds similar to what I went through. After the MRI, I found I had a brain tumor. There are probably many reasons other than our teeth. And we go through many things to find the source. Glad the nortriptyline is working for you. Good luck. Gloria37