Root canal treatment

It all started after having a root canal top tooth right side. The first time it was mild. A pain up the side of my nose lasting a couple of seconds and also a sharp pain if I moved my top lip. This went away after a few days. It stayed away for approx 5 months. When it came back it was worse, this time I had electric teeth also adjoining the root filled tooth. Went to the dentist, when he touched my teeth mouthed, I could have knocked him out! He x rayed my teeth but the he wrong ones. He found nothing but gave me amoxicillin and said to come back a week later. The pain subsided when I had nearly finished the course. I returned to the dentist and asked him to look at my root filled tooth as I could still feel background pain. He x rayed it and found a dark shadow all around base of root.. I. Was given more antibiotics metronidazole. The pain went 4 to 5 days later. On the tenth day I had t h e tooth out. Great I thought! 3days later I am back at the dentist as the wound was not healing. Had the socket flushed out and packed. More antibiotics amoxill and metronizadole. Antibiotics not working this time only have 2 more days of them left. When I move my face I can feel pain at the side of my nose it's horrid. On getting up this morning the pain has got excruciating. It was triggered when I spoke and again on chewing . It lasts a few seconds. Pain is like someone's sticking me with hot needles, feels very sore. Between it feels like a bruised achy feeling at the site of triggered pain. Comes and goes. If I move my face as if exercising facial muscles, I can feel a sharp sickly pain down the side of my nose in sinus area. I also get occasional intermittent little nerve shocks almost like when you get a shock when touching static. Weird! Can anyone advise. I am feeling drained. Thank you

I'm sorry you are going through this. I am not a dental expert whatsoever. I think the dark spot under the tooth signifies an infection. Root canalled teeth can harbor bacteria and cause an infection. Left untreated I'm pretty sure the infection can spread and cause more damage. You may need strong anti-biotics. You should get a second opinion.

Also I have read lots of stories of people that end up with nerve pain after a root canal. This is possible nerve damage. You should see a dental specialist for sure.

Hopefully someone will respond that has a bit more knowledge.

Hi… Run away from that dentist.

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ask for a specialist…they will guide you!

I read this and thought straight away Trigeminal Neuralgia but maybe because that's what I have? You definitely need a second opinion. Go see your doc asap. Do you get the electric stabbing pain anywhere else on your face?

If it's TN then there can be many triggers. Also with me I got pains from the top of my lip to above my eye, all on the right hand side. Google Trigeminal Neuralgia and YouTube it as well.

I'm not a doc and I'm looking at this from the point of view of a sufferer of TN so I may well be biased. Research. But I would recommend a chat with your doc.

Take care. Regards, Colin

Hi Lexi…I can definitely feel what you are talkin about. Your pain is pretty close to how mine started in kinda the same area. I am sooo sorry you are goin thru this right now… mine felt like a burning nail going up into my sinus cavity where my eye tooth was. You can read my bio…

And at different times I have also gotten small shocks above my upper lip. But not so much anymore. My pain is controlled with Amitriptyline. I did have Gamma knife in 2008 but the pain came back three years later, just not as intense. But I haven’t forgotten how bad it was, and never will. …I sure do hope you get to feeling better soon.!

Hang in there…


Sounds alot like my story not sure if TN was first or dental work caused it. Chicken or the Egg ...I went through alot of dental and antibiotics before hearing Trigeminal Neuralgia. Im very sorry it is very draining took everything from me.