Root Canal Brought About Chronic Electric Shock Pain

I really do not think im going to make it if this pain does not subside. Here is my tale of woe. Firstly, in 2017 I was diagnosed with mild Trigeminal Neuralgia. It cost me several teeth due to pain and what was then perceived as failed root canals. I also experienced mild fleeting stabbing nerve pain in various teeth. But outside all that it was managable until…1/15: I was dealing with my front tooth being sensitive to cold and pain on percussion for a couple of weeks and wasnt jumping around so I thought it may be time for a root canal. Pulpectomy was completed and went home woke up 1/16 and at first I felt fine then had a lot of pressure and pulsating in my tooth and then out of nowhere a deep 4000watt electrical jolt shooting into my tooth a few times then subsides for a little bit then comes back I went to my dentist they reopened it cleaned it out and sent me home, mind you each time they are working on this tooth im being shot up in the upper maxillary area. I go home 1/16 with a numb mouth go to sleep wake up on 1/17 and BAM! same electric pains shooting through my tooth. So that day I go to an endontist he cleans me out (gave me 4 shots in the upper maxillary area on top of the other shots given the previous days) go home and on the way home a intense electricution like jolt referred and pierced from my lower jaw to my tooth i couldnt tell the source and electrical pain on and on. Called the endontist and he said this pain doesnt add up and thinks it could be facial pain. He said that either way this root canal needs to be done I cant have a undone tooth. Now ibe been just dealing with constant electrical jolts and zings that range from 100 watts to 40000watts of electric pain. It is f$#$$$ surreal and mind breaking! I do not know if this is nerve damage but it certainly feels like it. My upper maxillary area feels like theres a lump or numb lump. The pain flares out of nowhere. I am very tempted in removing this front tooth vanity be damned! I know it may not help but I just cant see myself finsihing this root canal it will be the end !! Thank you for reading Iam in a desperate place.

Hi Em I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. I have had TN for a lot of years and your pain sounds a lot like mine when I’m having a normal attack. I think your TN went from mild to full blown TN. I have found that my TN was not caused by the dental issues I thought I was experiencing. It was the reverse. I still get TN pain at the extraction site like I need a root canal but there’s no root to have one. It’s the TN. And that’s what’s so crappy about TN. I could have all my teeth pulled and be on soft food and it wouldn’t make a difference. I have noticed over the years my TN triggers and try to avoid them. I’m totally a type A personality and a worrier and my personality (push myself too hard, stress over stuff and worrying) and some environmental situations like cold wind or brushing my teeth or my hair laying on the side of my forehead is literally what can trigger it alongside stuff like stress, lack of sleep, too much physical exertion. Find dentist who really understands TN and a doctor who really understands TN it’s so hard to find but it’s not worth going through more just to find out it’s the TN not dental issues triggering the pain. I have severe debilitating pain where my tooth used to be had an MRI even and they found no trace of the root or tooth still there in each extraction site. See if there’s a local TN support group that you can get to that may have resources for doctors and dentists. My last oral procedure they gave me laughing gas and I still felt it because the pain was coming from further back and telling my brain it was in that spot. That is what TN does it hurts bad and totally unpredictable and not always the same spot sometimes it focuses on one place all the time then it jumps to a new or old spot or all areas just go intense. I hope you can find local resources to help but know you aren’t alone and TN is just horrible and deceptive. Have you tried this website?
Scroll down to your state and see if any of these doctors might help

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Thank you KyraWest. :heartbeat:

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Hi! Em TN is a horrific condition. I suffered with it for 9 years until I had MVD surgery in February 2018 at University Pittsburgh Medical Center. Since 10 weeks post surgery, I have been pain and medication free. The surgeon, Raymond Sekula, stated that many people wait to long to have it done. The longer a person waits the chance of 100% relieve decreases. I live in Illinois but travel to Pittsburgh because I wanted a surgeon that specialized in cranial nerve surgery. He performs endoscopic microvascular decompression surgery. Thus I only spent 2 nights in the hospital. I had zero complications. I was very close to being disabled by TN because it would flare when I talked, brushed my teeth,ate or electrical shocks and burning sensations just because. My only regret is that I waited so long to have surgery. I wish you well.

I am so sorry that you have joined this brutal club.I think all us dental cases should get together and see if we can get a full set of teeth from maybe 20 or30 of us.I had front tooth taken out,and another and another.
I just needed the pain to stop -even for 1 day.
and what the heck is MILD trigeminal neuralgia!is that like 60 Watt?
We had a meggar at work where .before it became inappropriate in todays society we could crank it so high and then touch someone.
But in the face it is just brutal.Do what you got to do to make through another day.but if you are not on tegretol you might want to get on that and maybe it will help.Didn’t for me -but I is just weird

So sorry for your pain and frustration.
Do you presently have a neurologist, or someone who lists as a “facial specialist” ?
Hopefully this type of doctor can help you. I hope that you find relief soon.
In the past I have gotten a " nerve block" where chemicals which block pain are injected into the TN nerve. It really helped relieve my pain. I understand that this sort of thing is done more frequently with people who have severe arthritis, and the medicine is injected into the joint area. (The name of it escapes me now, but your doctor will know. )

Whatever you decide to do, please let us all know. We are with you all the way.

In our thoughts and prayers,

My pain is also constant , with bursts of electrical pain attacks and stabings. In my mouth and teeth.
They told me it’s neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage/injury. And that they can’t help me much.
I’m practicaly bedridden 90% of time unable to work to have social private life, nothing.
I’m 35.
Thinking about suicide as a long term solution.

I just thought of what my doctor called the block. It’z a cortizone shot. He mixes this with something that makes it last a long time. I can have it every 3 months. It has helped me quite a bit.
Lukas, we are very sorry that you are in so much pain. Hold on. There has got to be a solution. Have you tried surgeries? Look up TN specialists…
Please do not give up. There may be a solution coming your way. It’s certainly your turn!

Hi Em and Lukas. We all know TN is a terrible condition and it seems everyone experiences it differently or get it from either dental or activity setting off the cranial nerve. In my case it was after having dental work and many jabs in the upper gums back in 2014. The pain varied from mild shocks to dull burning sensations and was always triggered by eating, talking brushing teeth or wind on my face. It all equalled no social life. I tried Tegretol which did reduce pain but I still had those unexpected shocks which sent my stress levels up big time. I thought I would try natural therapies such as Chiropractic which did work to reduce pain when I had my neck worked on and also when I had my stretched using a machine by a Physio when I was on Holidays in Vietnam. That worked really well and no pain for several months. When it came back it did so with a vengeance and then I decided on acupuncture. I went to a Chinese acupuncturist who specialised in nerve pain. It worked only after about 2 sessions. The acupuncture diverted blood flow and reduced inflammation around my face and I have now been pain free (almost - except for the odd tingle) since November last year. I was also recommended a powder called PEA ( ). Taking PEA four times a day helped get rid of those odd tingles. So far so good and it is such a relief to be in remission.

Lukas please hold on and keep trying whatever there is out there. Reading this blog it seems people have tried medicines, surgery and natural therapies - mostly with some success. I am sure there will be a cure one day soon.


Hey everyone, It is worth finding a good acupuncturist - it saved my husband. The sooner you use acupuncture, the higher the chance of success. We also used a range of supplements to help the nerve heal. He has been pain free and meds free for years now!

Emgeorge, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time! I do think he is correct, in that you need to get that root canal finished and filled. If for any reason you don’t have 100% confidence in that endodontist, see if you can get a referral to a new one. Even without the nerve damage, it takes a root canal quite a while to “settle”, so I do think there is hope for improvement once the RTC is done. You might have to stay on painkillers or something like carbamazapine or a tricyclic for a while. If you have a neurologist, maybe he can work with the endodontist to help you get through this. I do not think removal is a good idea at all (my ATN started with a removal). Best wishes!

I am so sorry we are both experiencing this painful condition. I just had my first horrific attack last Friday. I’ve been suffering for at least 7 years with this and treating it with gabapentin and oxycarbazapeine. (sp) . Don’t remove any teeth. It’s your nerves in your gums. Look into surgery if it is that bad. Good luck to you.

EM and Lukas-It sounds like the majority of TN patients start their treatment at the dentist. I feel very fortunate that my dentist recognized that this was facial pain rather than any dental issues. I think that you both need to be search for a neurosurgeon with experience in TN. Lukas, please don’t give up. I know that there is help out there for you. You don’t have to live like this. Be persistent and find that neurosurgeon. I agree with others who have encouraged you to not wait too long.

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EmGeorge: Like the others, I am very sorry to hear about your problem and suffering. I am a FPA Support Group Leader in the greater Sacramento, Ca area. I have had TN-1 for many years with one MVD that was good for 4 years. My pain returned and I went on meds for many years taking Tegretol (carbamazepine), Gabapentin and Baclofen. Went into remission around 14 years ago and still there. I take 5000mcg of V B-12, sublingually every day. Can’t prove it but firmly believe that is keeping me in remission. Most patients
typically visit a dentist first followed by an oral surgeon before realizing it is nerve pain and get to a knowledgeable neurologist. I know many who have all their teeth extracted which, of course, does no good at all. I absolutely avoid all root canal unless a matter of life or death! Where do you live so I can recommend a neurosurgeon who knows about TN and the MVD which is what you probably need? I know of a few outstanding ones and the FPA can also advise you on that. Good luck and there is a lot of hope so do not contemplate anything foolish.

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Stress is a trigger for ramping up my atypical facial pain from my upper front tooth. No matter the pain is all the time. If you had a dentist do a root canal or extract a tooth due to what was really neuropathic pain, I am sorry …more than sorry, but anger will not help. I wish that there was an advocacy group that we could all hand our outrage to for them to force severe disciplinary action upon dentists and endos. Again my apologies for venting. Reduce stress, consider meditation and cannabis as first line resources until you find a well informed neuro…not a generalist but one with experience and knowledge of TN. All meds and procedures have their price. Desperation can lead to regretfully bad decisions. If someone says they can cure you, run. Have an advocate with you. Yes, it’s a brutal club. Find distractions. Music, reading, tv, hobbies, sex…humanity.

My issues started the same way as yours did but way back in 1975. Same thing went to dentist and he pulled tooth. pain didnt disappear so he said I had a dry socket so he scraped it to make it bleed and clot still no relief . Then my 8 year journey began. Saw every kind of doctor some of whom were like witch doctors. Was on tegretol for years and years. No diagnosis. Finally 8 yrs later found a Dr at Temple who said to me I know exactly what you have and what we need to have done. In fact he worked for Dr Janetta who invented MVD surgery. I had that done in 1983 and have been 100% pain and symptom free since. I suffered brutally for 8 yrs while working and raising a family. Same electrical shock pain ever 2-3 seconds for weeks and sometimes months till would get a few month break when it would come back again. I would strongly suggest you get yourself to a very very good neurosurgeon and have then do the necessary tests to determine whats going on. There is relief and there are ways to treat it but dentist will get you nowhere…best of luck and let me know if you have any questions.

I am a dentist who also has TN. Taking out #9 after a root canal will not relieve your pain. Get to a facial pain specialist. There are 12 dental schools that offer this speciality. Call up one of them, or go to a neurologist ASAP.
Proper medications will improve your life.
What state are you in?

This is a brutal condition, and impacts everyone differently. There is no “one size fits all solution”. The trick is keep trying. if one thing does not work, move unto the next. It takes great patience and persistence, but many, many people eventually find what works for them. Fortunately, in recent years the options have expanded dramatically. For some it’s surgery. For others it’s medications. For others diet. There is no definitive right or wrong; if it works for you, do it. Keep searching. Keep trying. Don’t give up.

Very well said, Sean!