Resveratrol for TN

Hello everyone,

A big crackpot-science alert! this journal paper is most likely just garbage, but i thought i'd share it:

The authors basically say that Resveratrol (which is a compound derived from grapes i believe) helps with pain alleviation in an animal model of TN.

There are so many reasons why this is crackpot science. First of all, there is no solid evidence that this Resveratrol is useful for any medical conditions:

Also, the authors are from some remote city in China and not from a credible institution, and also the first author is not even affiliated with a university. Also why did they use a rate model when they could just administer this benign compound which is used in supplements to patients? And how close is this rat model to the human model?

Anyways, this is just a garbage publication.

And yet i ordered some reservatrol from amazon :S sorry folks, im desperate. At this point i would try witchcraft even if there was a 0.00001% chance it could help.