Results of mri today

I never have posted a blog here. I'm a daily reader of as much as I can here since I signed up in beginning of this month. I had mri last Tuesday and I go to see dr this afternoon for results. I'm on day 3 of constant searing pain behind ear that radiates up to top of my skull to my lower jaw. I also get shocking pains where my upper teeth are on both sides of face. My neurologist will just say I have "facial pain" because everything treated the same way. So scared of results. Finding nothing or finding something. Which is worse?!?! This gabapentin makes me dumb and I don't take enough to see if it really helps. I could go to ER every time this happens. Wish I wasn't going to dr alone. Thanks for everyone's kind words and ideas and thanks for listening.

Good luck today. Will be thinking of you.

We always fear the unknown but its better to known than not to know. At least you have a place to come to here where others will listen and offer suggestions where they can. Just talking to someone who is going through a similar situation is comforting that are not alone with these terrible ailments. Let us know how it turned out.

What were the results? Been thinking of you x

I had the same pain when I first experienced it and believe me when I say that it's better to know what it is than not. When my doctor told me it was TN, I had no idea what that was until he explained it to me. I felt relieved because with this kind of pain, you can't manage this alone without a trusted and knowledgeable doctor to help you. I'm not happy I have it, but it's good to know and know more about it. You're not alone.